Forever together

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11. Louis is just my friend!

Harry P.O.V:

I was sleeping in my room with the painting at the end of my bed.I loved the one of Emily the most!It was nice.It reminded me so much of her!The way her green eyes twinkled and the dimples by the too ends of her mouth as she smiled.She was perfect.I stared at it until Louis came in and saw me!

"What is this"?He grabbed the painting I was holding in my hands and he found out it was Emily!

"Why"He yelled in tears but tried too hold back but it did not work.

I said nothing and finally apologized.

:If you still had feelings for her like I have with Eleanor still than why didn't you tell me"!?He yelled.

"You still have feelings for Eleanor"?I asked looking down at the almost tore picture.

He nodded and started too cry and turned fast and saw Emily.

"What happened in here"She asked with a concerned face and me and Louis explained everything.

"I honestly still like you Harry".Emily whispered as my red eyes got more red.

We all started too clean up and of course Zayn came in.He was concerned about his canvas but more concerned about us.We explained everything and was getting stalked by Liam! He walked in.

"I heard everything"Liam said,nodding and looking down.

"Louis you can go back too Eleanor,I will be with Emily"Harry said,putting my arm around Emily like she meant the world too me!We all agreed and called Eleanor.

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