Forever together

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4. Leaving

Louis pov:

Harry and Eleanor left too leave me and Emily alone.There was no sense of doing that because we were gonna leave too go too Nando's anyway.

"So do you want too go now"?I asked.

"Where are we going"?

"Nandos"I answered

"Niall's idea,figures"Emily said

I started too laugh!We told everybody that it was time too go and eat at Nando's. We all ran outside in the cool weather.Me,Harry,Eleanor and Emily were in a car while Zayn,Liam,Niall and there girlfriends were in the other car.

Emily pov:

We all left in different cars and while we were going too Nando's,we listened too One Direction for the whole time!It was fun and crazy when everyone started singing and sounded like the same person from the song!Figures.

The limo driver left so we had too take are cars but I would not blame him,I would have left too!

Louis pov:

"Were here"I shouted.

We all cheered but the only person I heard was Niall yelling hooray from the other car!

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