Forever together

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17. In the shower with Harry!

Harry P.O.V:

We were taking a shower together!We used too do that all the time!She was shocked and nearly passed out but I luckily caught her from busting her head open.We took a half hour long shower because we both take long showers and it was surprisingly fun!

"That was fun"I yelled and I gasped.Why did I say that.There was nothing else too do but too just wait for a response.

"Yea"He finally said!

I was actually releaved.

Brianna P.O.V:

Jake was so nice and he was kind but all of that changed last night!He was texting a girl name Ashley and she was his girlfriend also!I punched him and kicked his balls and kicked his face once more too show him how it feels.

I ran to One Direction house and rang the doorbell.Instead of Zayn letting me in,it was Liam!I had not seen in a while and high-fived him.I walked in too tell Emily everything.

Emily P.O.V:

I was shocked.It was not a big deal if she stayed so she can just sleep on the coach and try too get a boyfriend and a job.I welcomed her and she sat on the coach watching films and ignoring me.I did not care though.

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