Forever together

Give me ideas in comments PLEASE!Also put your name there so I van put your name in the story. lu my little readers.


5. Home Sweet Home

Emily pov:

We walked in the resturaunt and sat and ate inside.When we were done we went in the cars and left too go too the houses.We dropped off all the girls as me and Louis said goodbye for the whole time.I high-five Eleanor and Harry kissed her bye.We finally went back home as Niall ran too the kitchen and got a sandwich.Don't worry,that's normal.

Louis pov:

I was not worried that Niall got a sandwich.It was normal!I walked up too Emily and sat with her on the couch.We snuggled alone until everyone else started too come up and hug us too.Me and Emily were squished and couldn't get out!That was normal also!

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