Forever together

Give me ideas in comments PLEASE!Also put your name there so I van put your name in the story. lu my little readers.


28. God mother Breanna

Breanna P.O.V:

I was sitting in the living room with Niall as we were watching television and eating popcorn in the dark.We were watching scary movies and I was scared so I snuggled with him and smiled.I looked at him and he started too yawn.Louis walked in with Darcy after sleeping for an hour and went in the kitchen too get some juice and tea.Darcy got the apple juice and Louis enjoyed some hot tea.I went in the kitchen too make more popcorn and I got some chips,4 cupcakes,pretzels and candy!Also some Dr.pepper for Nialler and some Pepsie for me!

I sat down and started eating some popcorn and snuggled.

Louis P.O.V:

I picked up Darcy and spun her around so she can sit on my back.We went in my room and watched some tv and played games.When we were done Emily and Harry came and grabbed the baby as he spun her around.He kissed her cheek and she kissed his and I started too laugh.

Harry P.O.V:

I tickled Darcy and gave her too Emily as she took her and laid her in her crib too go to bed.I walked in and hugged Emily and kissed Darcy.She went too sleep as me and Emily went in are room too go to sleep.We snuggled and I kissed her lips and slept as she started too sleep.

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