Forever together

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13. getting ready

Brianna P.O.V:

I heard that Emily got back with Harry and Louis got back with Eleanor and I was happy.As soon as I heard I rushed too my phone and called Emily.

"Hello"!Emily cheered.

"Hey,I heard you got back with Harry"!I was smiling and I could tell she was blushing."And I was wondering if me and Jake could come with you and Harry"?I hoped Emily would say yes as she asked Harry.

"Harry said yes"!

I screamed and almost dropped my new Iphone.

I hung up.

I put on a one sleeved sky blue shirt on and a short black skirt and dark blue heels.

Emily P.O.V:

I got excited and kissed Harry's cheek and ran into my room.I put on a peach colored dress with a brown belt around my waist and cute pink converse.I put casual make up on.I walked out in the limo with Harry too go pick up Brianna!

Brianna P.O.V:

I waited for Emily and Harry.Me and Jake were sitting on the couch waiting and finally they came.

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