Forever together

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8. Eagle Ridge Mall!!!!

 Emily P.O.V:        

I asked for carrots!?Why did I ask for carrots?Ow well,I love carrots anyways so.He came up too me and I saw him giggle as he gave me some carrots and Dr.Pepper.He knew I loved Dr.Pepper!He would give it too me every morning.I didn't mind about Harry until Louis called me love!I felt weaker trying too keep a nice smile on my face.

"What do you want too do today love?"Louis asked,nudging my shoulder with his.

"I don't know,shopping"?I answered trying too hold a laugh.

He got up and jumped around and went in his room too change.I laughed.He knew I loved it when he wore the red pants and black and white striped shirt so he wore that too be romantic!I wore his favorite outfit also,the peach colored top with high shorts and Toms!Casual.

Louis P.O.V:

I was very happy with Emily but I had a urge too go back too Eleanor!I did not like thinking about that kind of stuff!I loved her and Eleanor but I am with Emily now so I should be happy!

After daydreaming,I got outside and saw her there waiting for me!She gets ready fast too be able too look this good!

Emily P.O.V:

I smiled as he walked too me and checking me out!I could not help too giggle as he started too laugh and opened the door for me like a gentleman he is.I sat in the passenger seat and he started too drive too Eagle Ridge Mall,of course!I walked in Claire's and he walked in a lot of stores with One Direction stuff in there!

"Haha,why buy this stuff.All you have too do is sing?"I asked when he shrugged his shoulders.

He tried too be funny and get the albums and put them on his head too balance them.I started laughing and I tried too balance them on my head too.We were failing at it but that was the funny part!We put them up as we saw Teenage girls running toward Louis and me!I ran and he ran along with me too.We ran too the car hand in hand but it was hard with all the bags in are hands!We finally got to the car and drove back too the house.We locked the doors and breathed and sighed as we hugged each other and laughed.

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