Forever together

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14. Date Time!!!

Emily P.O.V:

We all payed for the movie but the boys paid the most and when we got are seats,we sat and snuggled with popcorn and drinks and candy!

We cried for the whole movie and started too get tired so Jake drove as me and Harry were laying down in the back.We were very tired but right when we were going too sleep,we were at Brianna's and Jake's house!Harry got in the front and drove.We made it too the house and it took forever!We started hugging and walked in the house.Louis was on the couch sleeping as me and Harry went too brush are teeth because of the food taste in are mouth and laid down in his bed.We snuggled and he started kissing my neck and............

Brianna P.O.V:

Me and Jake laid in the bed and snuggled and slept great!It was like a dream came true and I also thought about Harry and Emily being happy!I thought it was awesome for her!

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