Forever together

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19. Brianna+Niall=<3

Emily P.O.V:

It was 8AM and everybody was sleeping but me and I was wide awake!Harry was sleeping and smiling and he looked so cute and calm.I stroked my fingers threw his hair and he smiled and giggled.He was still asleep when I did that so I just got up and got some coffee.It was the York coffee!It woke me up a little more and I turned around and saw Niall and Brianna snuggling!I was shocked and smiling and also staring at them amazed!

Harry P.O.V:

I woke up and stretched but didn't see Emily there so I figured she was in the kitchen with Niall.I walked in and all I saw was Emily standing there looking at Brianna and Niall snuggling on the coach!I walked up too them and woke them up.I started too chuckle and smiling as Emily began laughing her head off and falling on the floor about too die from laughing!I picked her up and Niall got up and sat on the coach with Brianna.They were laying back trying too ignore us and turned on the television.

Brianna P.O.V:

I looked at them two and started smiling trying not too laugh. Niall put his arm around me and I started too giggle and then Niall started laughing and fell on the floor!Liam,Zayn and Louis came in and was kinda nervous with me and Harry having sex hair but more nervous about us laughing so hard!Including Niall!

Liam P.O.V:

"What is going on"!I was really nervous.

They explained everything. Zayn and Louis came in the kitchen and looked at Emily and Harry's hair and Louis started cracking up jokes!

"Hope you didn't rough her up too much"Louis said and patted Harry's shoulder.Harry started laughing and Emily did too and it was a funny sight too see!

Harry P.O.V:

I went in the shower with Emily as we got ready for the malls and stores!

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