Forever together

Give me ideas in comments PLEASE!Also put your name there so I van put your name in the story. lu my little readers.


18. "Bed Time"

Harry P.O.V:

Me and Emily were going too bed and locked the door with a Do Not Disturb sign on the door from the outside.We kissed and I pushed her on the wall and carried her from her legs and kissed her like she was the only thing in the world that meant too me.I forgot everything and threw Emily on the bed taking off my shirt.My 8 pack was out and she smiled in delight!I laughed and took off everything from her body and mine too and we started getting sex hair and I saw her pussycat!I was nervous but I loved every second of it.

Emily P.O.V:

I loved it and I kissed him over and over and when he would kiss my neck,he would hump me and I would sit there breathing heavy.It was like a dream!We were acting like it was Summer 09 all over again and I started kissing him more.It was 6 AM!We stopped and got dressed and slept as we snuggled together worrying about nothing but my friend Brianna!

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