Forever together

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31. Bad day

Louis P.O.V:

I woke up to the sound of crying and yelling.I hot up from my bed and ran into the room with a bloody knife and Liam crying his eyes out.

"What happened?!"I asked with a concerned look on my eyes.

"Go ask Breanna."

I walked in Emily and Harry's room to see Breanna,Emily and Harry crying just as loud as Liam.I ran up to Breanna and gave her a hug as I did the same with Harry.I walked to Emily slowly and put my arm around her.I started to hug her and I grasped away.

"What happened?"I asked a little softer.

"Liam killed Niall."

I started to tear up when Emily said that.I hugged her and started to feel Harry starting to hug me.Breanna joined in and we all started to hug.

Harry P.O.V:

I pulled away from the hug I was in and walked into the devil's room.

"Why Liam?"I asked,closing the door behind me.

He looked down and didn't say a word.He finally said something.

"I had a crush on her when I first laid my eyes on her.I loved her blue eyes and the smile and the laugh she had.I loved everything about her and I felt jealous when I saw Niall and Breanna together and I guess my jealousy grew stronger and I killed Niall."

I felt a chill down my spine when he said killed Niall.I was so upset.I couldn't believe none of this but it sorta made sense and how he looked at her and stuff.I guess he was telling the truth.But I still hate him for it.

"It dose not make any sense,I mean you guys were best friends!"I yelled but as softly as I could.

"I know and I still regret it.I am sorry."

I walked out and didn't say a word.

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