Forever together

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26. Back at home!!

Eleanor P.O.V:

I was at the house as I was waiting for the boys and Emily.I waited and waited and finally I heard the car pull up!I ran outside and helped Emily.I jumped and clapped my hands as I saw Emily walk out.

"Where is Darcy"!?I asked as I jumped up and down laughing.I saw the baby in Harry's arms and I peeked thrue too see him looking at the baby.I smiled and went on his side.

"Hey Harry"!I yelled and he laughed."Here"He said giving me the baby.I looked at her brown hair that she got from Emily and the green eyes from both Harry and Emily and the cute dimples that poked out as she smiled!She was so pretty and looked a lot like her mom and dad.

I gave the baby too Harry and he got out of the car.He walked in the house and laid Darcy on his lap on the coach.

Harry P.O.V:

I smiled as Emily walked in and sat by me.I kissed Emily's cheek and smiled at her and started too remember all the screams she made when she was having the baby.I smiled at her.

"You took a lot of effort in that"I said and started too laugh.

"Yup,I sure did.But it was worth it"!She nodded and smiled.

Me and Emily started playing with the baby.We looked at the time and thought we should go get baby stuff!

"Louis"Emily yelled and Louis came in here as fast as a rocket!

"Yes"He said and licked his lips.

"Can you take care of the baby as me and Harry go get baby stuff"Emily said and didn't had too do the puppy dog eyes because ha nodded and grabbed the baby.

We smiled and ran too the room.

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