Forever together

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27. Baby time!

Sorry if any misspelled things.My thumb is broken and has a lot of band aids on it so it will hurt if I press down on it so i'm sorry if there is any misspelled words.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Emily P.O.V:

We ran in the room too get ready and we finally found some clothes too wear!We got ready and brushed are teeth and went in the car too go too the store for baby stuff.We were going too do a baby shower but we decided not too.When we got there we parked a little in the front of the store and I left my phine in the car because Harry had his.We walked in and went too the baby aisle and looked for some baby stuff like a crib or some pj's!We were lucky too find a huge crib and some Elmo PJ'S!We got some baby food and diapers and everything we needed for a baby and we were finally about too go too the cashier.

Louis P.O.V:

I held the baby above me on the ground and lifted her up and down from the ground.I put her down and tickled her too death until my phone rang.

"Hello"I said,trying too watch the baby.

"Were coming home in a few minutes"!

I nodded and did a slightly loud okay and hung up so I could play with little Darcy!She stared and started too laugh as she looked at my pictures on my phone!I grabbed the phone and she hugged me as I was taking it away.She kissed my cheek and laughed as I kissed her cheek.I hugged her tight and didn't want too let go.Than Niall came in with some Pringles chips and stared at me and Darcy as we played.Darcy walked up too Niall and took some chips but I took them away and got the salt off of them and fed them too her.Than as she was done,she fell asleep in my arms so I decided too take her too my bed so we can both sleep because I was tired too!We went in my bed and slept.

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