hi so this is my first movella so I'm testing it so heres an imagine for.......niall! yeah i'll do niall and now i will shut up, please comment sorry if its bad ok now i'll stop talking


6. Zayn Imagine


Your at a One Direction concert. Zayn is singing his solo in Little Things, he scans the crowd and his eyes land on you. He points at you while singing. The sing finishes and the boys run off the stage. As you get up to leave a security guard comes up to "Zayn told me he wants to see you, do you want to come backstage?" You smile "Yes I would love to." You walk backstage and see Zayn. "Hello love." "Hi, my name is y/n." You introduce yourself "Hi y/n." He smiles "I was wondering if you wanted to grab a coffe with me sometime."Yes Zayn I would love too." You smile and you two exchange numbers.

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