hi so this is my first movella so I'm testing it so heres an imagine for.......niall! yeah i'll do niall and now i will shut up, please comment sorry if its bad ok now i'll stop talking


1. niall imagine

imagine: you and niall walked hand in hand along the sea as the sun started to set, "its so beautiful.' you said as you admired the sky, now turning to different shades of orange and pink "not as beautiful as you." niall said. you blushed "thanks," you mumbled, it was silent as you kept walking. "stop!" niall suddenly yelled making you jump "what is it?!" niall smiled then said "look down.' you did as you were told and looked down "" you gasped, there spelled out with seashells was 'y/n will you be my girlfriend?' "well," niall turned you around so you were facing him "y/n will you be my girlfriend?" "yes!" you exclaimed a wide grin spreading across your face "yes niall! i would love to be your girlfriend!" niall smiled widely as he picked you up and spun you around "I'm so-" you began to say but was cut off by niall kissing you. you broke apart and smiled at each other. ~dino xx

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