hi so this is my first movella so I'm testing it so heres an imagine for.......niall! yeah i'll do niall and now i will shut up, please comment sorry if its bad ok now i'll stop talking


3. liam imagine

imagine: you and liam are walking in the park together. two directioners came up to liam and asked liam for a picture and autograph "liam why would you want to date y/n ?! she's so ugly." one girl said "i mean look at what she's wearing its so s***ty." you looked at what you were wearing, blue jeans and a plaid tshirt with one of limas snapbacks and red converse. the girls laughed. "y/n is perfect, she's sweet kind beautiful and caring, do not say anything like that about her ever!" liam defended you. the girls looked shocked "if you ever thought that i would date someone like you think again. here." he gave the girls back their phones and stuff "c'mon y/n lets go." he said while wrapping his arm around your waist. "li you didn't have to do that." you whispered "yes i did," liam said "they were insulting you, and I'm not letting them get away with it." "thanks li." you said giving him a kiss. A/N sorry this is bad and whoever is reading this you are NOT ugly you're beautiful -dino xx

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