Into the Dark

Ava has always been seen as "different" from most people. Mostly because of the fact that she's a vampire. She never knew that she would fall in love with someone no vampire should ever be allowed to fall in love with. But all of that changes when she meets the boy she is destined to be with, Louis Tomlinson. And little does Louis know how much his life will change the minute he meets the mysterious vampire. They're love was forbidden and Ava knew that, but Louis didn't. They will do anything to be with each other. She soon has to pull him to the dark side she's always been a part of. But it all just leads to the most craziest thing Ava and Louis will ever experienced. Neither of their lives will ever be the same, but their love never dies. It was never supposed to happen but it did. "Louis I'm a vampire, you can't love me. They'll never accept us." "Nothing will ever stop me from loving you. Nothing."


3. When I Got Home

Ava's P.O.V Chapter 3: I ran down the sidewalk quickly to get to the house. I needed to tell my parents what just happened! I just couldn't believe I actually ran into Louis Tomlinson! He was even more beautiful in person! And he was so sweet! I could tell he was getting lost in my eyes. He also kept staring at me the while time. Which made sense because all vampires had the ability to be extremely gorgeous. We are one of the most attractive people on earth and we can captivate anyone with our beauty. I was one of the most attractive vampires because of my parents being one of the strongest vampires ever. I finally got to the familiar fancy black gate guarding the long stone carved drive way. I barged thought the fence and ran down the drive way. I burst end the colorful stain glass door open screaming "MOMMY DADDY I MET LOUIS TOMLINSON!" I wasn't the type to fangirl 24/7 but this was something that I had to scream for. "Who is Louis Tomlinson" my father asked coming out of the kitchen and walking into the front room. My mother came up beside him and gave me a weird look. "Dad, Louis Tomlinson is just one of the hottest boys alive who is in One Direction my favorite band ever that I talk about all the time and have a millions of posters of them up in my room!" I said talking really fast and becoming out of breath. "Oh right that irrelevant boy band you're obsessed with" my father said looking disgusted. "Not obsessed, dedicated" I said. "Well you can tell us all about this in the car on our way to meet the other vampires" my mother said. Thats why i had to leave! i completely forgot why i had to leave Louis because I was way still in so much shock about what happened. We always had some special occasion to go to with all of the other vampires. it was usually quite fun but other times it could be really boring. I gave a quick nod to my mother. I could still feel my legs shaking from the excitement I felt from meeting Louis. "Come on honey grab your purse and let's go" my father said as we walked out to the car. Yup I told them every single detail! Louis's P.O.V: (at Louis's flat) I walked through the door and saw Harry, Liam,Zayn,and Niall all sitting on my couch in the living room. I only lived with Harry but the other boys always came over. They partially live here too. I still couldn't get the image of Ava out of my mind. She was just so different and her beauty was astonishing. Her touch was like magic. It made me feel weak. "Louis, are you thinking about a girl?" Zayn asked suspiciously. The boys knew every time I was thinking about someone special. But this time it was different. It was real. "I just met the most gorgeous girl ever" I said smiling at the thought of Ava. I had no idea how she could be that beautiful (I don't how anybody could) but she defiantly was. "Tell us about her" Harry said. I sighed and took a seat between him and Niall. I ended up telling them everything that just happened. I found my self smiling like an idiot the whole time I was talking. I had to see her again. I can't let a girl like that get away from me.
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