Into the Dark

Ava has always been seen as "different" from most people. Mostly because of the fact that she's a vampire. She never knew that she would fall in love with someone no vampire should ever be allowed to fall in love with. But all of that changes when she meets the boy she is destined to be with, Louis Tomlinson. And little does Louis know how much his life will change the minute he meets the mysterious vampire. They're love was forbidden and Ava knew that, but Louis didn't. They will do anything to be with each other. She soon has to pull him to the dark side she's always been a part of. But it all just leads to the most craziest thing Ava and Louis will ever experienced. Neither of their lives will ever be the same, but their love never dies. It was never supposed to happen but it did. "Louis I'm a vampire, you can't love me. They'll never accept us." "Nothing will ever stop me from loving you. Nothing."


4. The Dream

Chapter 4 Louis's P.O.V: I laid my head on the soft pillow and cuddled into the heavy covers. I stared at my alarm clock and saw that it was already 11:30. I closed my eyes and went into a deep sleep. Then I had the dream that changed everything. (In Louis's dream) I was standing next to a dark forest. The sky was dark grey with clouds circling all around. It was very foggy so I could hardly see anything. Then suddenly I saw a girl standing in front of me out in the distance. It was hard to see her in the fog. I could see her long black hair and surprisingly pale skin. I couldn't tell who it was until I saw...the eyes. The blue eye and green eye staring right at me. They stood out in the fog looking very bright. They made me feel something deep inside me but i couldn't quite explain what it was or why I was feeling that way. No one else had those eyes expect for Ava. Ava! She was the girl standing in front of me! It started to make a little more sense to me. I walked a little closer as I stared into her eyes more and more. I got deeply lost in them then suddenly, I saw flashes. My mind started going through all these images of me and Ava. I saw us kissing, running,holding hands, hugging,holding her tight, her kissing my neck,laying under the stars, laying in the forest, and somehow flying away together. My mind kept going on and on with these images. I think I was seeing the future. What did this mean? Was I suppose to be with her? It was like her eyes made me see it all. Then suddenly the memories stopped and my mind went back to the beautiful girl standing in front of me. But this time she was really close to me. Her pale face was became easier to see. She looked so fragile. I slowly reached out my hand and touched her wrist lightly. I felt that power again, rushing through her veins. Her skin was soft and smooth. Her hands started to shake as she looked straight at me. Her stunning blue and green eyes suddenly turned bright red. How could that happen? How was it possible for Ava's beautiful eyes to turn red? I still felt captivated by the striking red color in her eyes. I was still touching her wrist, feeling her intense power. Her eyes looked right into mine. It was like she was seeing my soul. I felt like fate was trying to tell me something. She reached out her trembling hand and touched my arm. My body was shaking. I felt the blood rushing through my veins and I could hear my pulse increasing. I saw 4 sharp teeth coming out in the corners of her mouth. It frighten me a little and made me jump. They looked like fangs, but there's no way she could've had fangs. Well this is a dream, but this is a dream that obviously means something. She leaned in closer to me and gripped my arm tighter. She whispered softly in my ear "find me." She then vanished into the fog and was no where in sight. What just happened? (Reality) My eyes shot open and I sat straight up. My chest rose and fell heavily. My heart was racing and I could feel the sweat heating up on my forehead. Everything in that dream meant something. It confused me but it all started make sense to me after I thought about it. I need to find her. Fate was telling me something. I need to be with her. The world wants me to be with her. This is destiny! Suddenly, Harry barged into the door saying "good morning Louis!" He opened the blinds and sat down next to my bed. The sunlight shined through the window hitting my face. Harry gave me a weird look and asked "why are you so sweaty?" He rubbed his hands on my forehead, feeling the sweat. I looked down at my chest and saw sweat had stained my dark grey T-shirt. "Harry, I need to find her!" I said as flashbacks from the dream continued in my mind. "Find who?" Harry asked confused. "Ava! I had a dream Harry! It was about her and me! Fate is telling me that I need to be with her. I need to find her again." "Whoa wait. So you barely know this girl and you think that this 'dream' you had is telling you that you need to be with he." Harry obviously didn't understand and I knew he wouldn't. It was something that was indescribable. "Harry you wouldn't understand. You just have to trust me on this. All I know is that I need to go find her now" I said climbing out of my bed. "Go find her Lou!" Harry encouraged. I quickly got dressed and walked out the door. I was nervous but I had to do this. I couldn't ignore this. I had to do what fate wants me to do, what my heart wants me to do.
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