Into the Dark

Ava has always been seen as "different" from most people. Mostly because of the fact that she's a vampire. She never knew that she would fall in love with someone no vampire should ever be allowed to fall in love with. But all of that changes when she meets the boy she is destined to be with, Louis Tomlinson. And little does Louis know how much his life will change the minute he meets the mysterious vampire. They're love was forbidden and Ava knew that, but Louis didn't. They will do anything to be with each other. She soon has to pull him to the dark side she's always been a part of. But it all just leads to the most craziest thing Ava and Louis will ever experienced. Neither of their lives will ever be the same, but their love never dies. It was never supposed to happen but it did. "Louis I'm a vampire, you can't love me. They'll never accept us." "Nothing will ever stop me from loving you. Nothing."


1. The Day I Met Him

A/N: Hey guys!;) So this is my new fanfiction! I hope you like it!<3 Chapter 1 Ava's P.O.V: "Evil" I whispered to my reflection as I stood in front of the mirror. I pushed my long black hair behind my shoulders and continued to stare at myself. "You're a vampire. You shouldn't be here" I whispered. I looked into my eyes in the mirror. My eyes were different, all vampire eyes are. My left eyes was a very striking blue and my right eye was a light green. All vampires had different eyes that no one else in the world has, but our eyes all turn bright red when we turn into vampires very night. All of the eyes are extremely different from any human eyes. All vampires also had a different power in their eyes. Mine was that I could control anybody's mind by just staring at them. My vampire powers stronger than most vampires because of my parents. They used to rule Creed Inessin (an island that only vampires can go to that no human has ever found out about) and the rulers were always the strongest vampires and both of my parents were.I've lived there from when I was born until I was 12 with my parents and all the other vampires. We had to move to London because we were in danger, great danger. All vampires had to move because humans were coming close to us. No human can know about vampires and no human ever has. They all just think its a fairy tale or a myth and we all want to keep it that way. I closed the blinds of my dark room and continued to put on make up. Many vampires live here in London because the island was very close to the UK. Not all vampires live here though. but all of them do live somewhere in Europe. The island is very tiny so it's not on any maps. I quickly put on some make up to hide my pale skin. I put on some clear lip gloss over my blood stained lips. My lips were stained light red from all the blood I drink. Blood is my weakness. I can't control it like most vampires can. Every time I see blood I flash out my fangs,make the human's mind go blank, and drink all of the blood. So I drink a lot of blood. That probably makes me sound crazy. I put on some clear lip gloss and walked out of my room and back downstairs. "Ava, we need to talk to you!" My mother shouted. Her bright red eyes stared directly at me as my father walked into the living room. "What is it?" I asked curiously. "Take a seat" my father said as I sat down on the couch next to my parents. "You really need to hide yourself more carefully" my mom said. "What are you talking about? I already hind myself enough so people don't think I'm a vampire" I said. "But you're starting to become a stronger vampire and you have an uncontrollable blood weakness" my dad said. "We're just saying you need to be more careful around humans" my mom said patting my shoulder. They always wanted me to be the most perfect vampire daughter but that's nearly impossible! I'm always around humans! Some of my best friends are humans! Yes I have a blood weakness but I try my hardest to not show it in front of humans! "Okay I will" I said a little angry. "I'm going to go for a walk" I said walking out the door of our large house. Gosh I can't stand my parents sometimes! Why can't they just expect the fact that I'm not perfect. I walked down the long path that leads to the gate in front of our house. I unlocked the gate and walked out frustrated. I didn't even bother to lock the gate again, I just left it open. I was walking down the quite street and suddenly came into the busy highways and noisy sounds of London. My long hair blowed through the wind and I felt so free walking by myself (even though the side walk was super crowded and had people everywhere.) I was walking peacefully until I felt something bump into me. Before I knew it, I was knocked down on the ground. I rubbed my head as it throbbed in pain. I had no idea what just happen until I looked up and saw the most beautiful boy kneeling down on the ground in front of me.
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