Into the Dark

Ava has always been seen as "different" from most people. Mostly because of the fact that she's a vampire. She never knew that she would fall in love with someone no vampire should ever be allowed to fall in love with. But all of that changes when she meets the boy she is destined to be with, Louis Tomlinson. And little does Louis know how much his life will change the minute he meets the mysterious vampire. They're love was forbidden and Ava knew that, but Louis didn't. They will do anything to be with each other. She soon has to pull him to the dark side she's always been a part of. But it all just leads to the most craziest thing Ava and Louis will ever experienced. Neither of their lives will ever be the same, but their love never dies. It was never supposed to happen but it did. "Louis I'm a vampire, you can't love me. They'll never accept us." "Nothing will ever stop me from loving you. Nothing."


6. Date Night!!

Ava's P.O.V: I took one last look in the mirror before going down stairs to meet Louis for our date. The tips of my hair were lightly curled. The gold eyeshadow on my eyelids made me blue and green eyes sparkle along with the black eyeliner. My long eyelashes fluttered as I twirled around in my silk red dress. I quickly put on some pink lipstick and grabbed my purse. I ran downstairs and straight up to the door. I didn't want my parents to know I was going on a date with a Louis. A shiny silver car pulled into the drive way. It was Louis! I grabbed the door knob and as I was about to walk out my mother came up behind me and said "going somewhere?" I turned around at my mother who was standing in the living room next to my father who had concerned looks on their faces. They both seemed very suspicious to where I was going. "Why are you all dressed up?" My father asked raising his eyebrow. "I'm umm- going out with some friends" I said. They was seriously the best excuse I could come up with! I sure hope they would buy it! "Don't be out too late" my mom said. "Okay bye! Love you!" I said rushing out the door. I smiled as i watched Louis step out of his fancy car. He looked amazing in his black tux. He walked over to me and handed me a boutique of roses. I blushed and said "thank you Louis! They're beautiful." I played with the pedals on the flowers as Louis grabbed my hand and said "you look gorgeous tonight." I smiled and blushed a little more. He opened the door for me as I walked into the passenger seat. He got in after me and started his car. "So where are we going?" I asked him. He grabbed my hand and held it tightly as he drove down the rode cautiously. "You'll see." Niall's P.O.V: ( at Harry's flat with the rest of the boys) "So Louis's on a date with a new girl" I said as I sat down on the couch next to Liam and Harry. "Yup!" Zayn said from the other side of the living room. "I think her name is Ava" Liam said. "It is" I said stuffing my face with popcorn. "Gosh Niall save some for us" Harry said. I suddenly got mad because I did not want to share any of my food. "NOOOOO!!!!" I shouted as jumped out of my seat causing popcorn to go everywhere. "Okay Niall we won't ask to share your food" Liam said. "You better not!" I snapped back as I got back into my seat. Harry suddenly got really quite but then took a deep breathe and said "Louis said that he had a dream about Ava last night. Im guessing it was really serious because when I walked into his room he was freaking out. He was telling me that the dream meant something and that he needed to find her. I didn't quite understand but I believed him. But I just don't know about this. This might lead to something bad." The whole room went dead silent. Harry was overacting a little but I knew that he was just looking out for his older brother because Louis was always looking out or him. "Harry, I promise you that nothing bad will happen. Louis had that dream for a reason." Zayn said. "I know I'm just...worried" Harry said looking concerned. I looked up at Harry and said "Harry don't worry. It's not like she's a vampire and she's gonna suck all of Louis's blood."
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