Blakely lives in Chicago, Illinois with her two sisters, Abigail and Justice. She is struggling to keep her sisters in school after their mother dies and they have no idea who there father is. She finds out that she has a gift, singing. She pulls out her guitar and a hat and takes to the streets, when she meets a stranger who is not so strange to her sisters.


3. Up All Night

I sat in the car, right out front of the house. 'What am I going to say to them?' I thought. Whipping my face trying to get rid of any trace of exhaustion. Stepping out of the car I grabbed my guitar out of the backseat, stuffing the money under the drivers seat. I hadn't counted out the money yet, but I wasn't going to until I got more.

"Blake," I looked up to see KamberLynn staring at me.

"Oh, hey KamberLynn." I gulped wondering what was going to happen.

"I saw you today remember. What the hell was that about?" She asked obviously a little scared on my part.

I closed my eyes trying to concentrate, "Nothing, just trying to pick up a little cash. I need it KamberLynn. Now that my mom's gone." I chocked out the last part, it still hurt to believe she was gone.

"I'm sorry about your mom." She whispered.

"It's fine it's not your fault. It's her's for not telling anyone she had bone cancer." I bit my lip trying to hold the tears back the tears threatening to spill.

She walked over to me giving me a hug. "The girls told me about the concert your going to tonight." She laughed. "In between fangirling gasps."

The tears slowly slipped down my cheeks onto KamberLynns shirt. "Ya, they are big fangirls."

"You know what. On Sunday, me, you, Devin, and Lake shall go to a movie or something. We all don't have to work so it will be super fun!" She suggested.

I nodded into her shoulder. "I have a question. Why were you sitting on my front lawn?" I asked pulling away from her.

"Oh," She smiled awkwardly. "I admit I was kinda waiting for you to get home, so I could talk to you."

I nodded, "Okay, well I need to get in there and make sure the girls get to sleep tonight." i hugged her one more time and waked in the house.

"Bye Blakely." KamberLynn waved at me and ran down the street.

"I would have given her a ride." I said to myself. Shrugging I turned back to the house waking up the steps. "I'm back!" I called as I walked in.

"Good thing you look hot today!" Justice called from couch.

"What do you mean?" I walked over to her looking over the couch at the laptop screen. "What's that?"

"it's the newest video on youtube of Niall Horan and a mystery girl." She said.

I rolled my eyes. "What does this have anything to do with me?"

"Oh, just watch and you'll understand." She turned the laptop, so I could see it better.

The video started playing with guitar strumming and the camera moving around fast and crazy trying to focus. My breath caught in my throat as it focused. It was me sitting by Niall on the steps of the theater while he strummed my guitar and sang.

"Wow, that didn't take long did it." I said when it ended.

"Never underestimate a fangirl." Abby called from the other couch.

"Are you guys mad?" I asked looking from Abby to Justice and then back again.

"No, were happy because you guys are cute together and you might actually get a boyfriend!" Justice laughed.

"I don't have time for a boyfriend. I have to take care of you guys all the time." I said walking to the kitchen and grabbed the phone. "What kind of pizza do you guys want?"

 "Blake, you don't have to watch us. We're not five anymore." Abby said.

"I want cheese!" Justice called.

"Thank you Justice for the only helpful thing said today." I looked at Abby who stuck her tounge out at me.

I rolled my eyes going back to the phone and dialed the number for Pizza Hut. Waiting for an answer I managed to hop on the counter.

"Pizza Hut how can I help you?" An male voice sounded on the other end.

"Yes, can I get two cheese pizza's please?" I asked politly.

"Yes, is that all?" He answered back.

I hated it when people asked me those questions. If I wanted more I would have asked in the first place. "Ya, that's it."

"Okay, your total is twelve fifty three." He said. "Your order will be there soon."

"Great thanks." I hung up the phone looking at the girls, who were still on the couches. "Well, just so you know we can't go to the concert tomorrow." I lied just to see what would happen.

Justice fell off the couch, and Abby started to hyperventilate.

"We have to go! I need to be with the love of my life!" Justice whinned, while Abby was still taking deep breaths.

"I'm just kidding, but now that I have your attention. I have to work tomorrow okay. You guys can go to the mall down the road and when you get hungry just come to the restaurant." I explained.

"Yes! We get Nangros!" Justice yelled.

"Justice, Nandos." I said a little exaggerated.

"Sorry." She said getting back on the couch.

I sat on the counter waiting for the pizza. I jumped when the doorbell rang and Abby screamed, "Pizza!!!"

I slipped off the counter my bare feet making a thud on the cold floor. I ran to the door pulling fifteen bucks out of my pocket. Opening the door I handed the money to guy standing in front of me. He had red curly hair and green eyes, but no pizza. "Can I help you?" I asked.

"Umm, sorry." He had a British accent. "My mate wanted me to find you and give this to you." He handed me a piece of paper. I turned when Abby and Justice squealed. "Ed Sheeran!" Justice yelled and ran to the door with her notebook. "Can you sign this."

Could this day get anymore full of people that I don't know and the girls do?

He signed both of their notebooks and looked back at me. "You need to call that number." With that he turned around walking back to a white Range Rover sitting by the sidewalk and jumped in the passenger seat.

"Oh my gosh! That's Niall's car!" Justice smiled.

I blinked and tried to see through the tinted windows, but saw nothing.

I shrugged and stuffed the paper in my pocket not really caring. I turned to go back inside when another car pulled up, but this time it was someone I was expecting. "Food." I sighed with relief.

"Hi, sorry I'm late." It was a boy with black hair swooped in his face. He was short and to familiar for comfort.

"Layton?" I gasped. He looked up at me and I could see his gray eyes that almost matched mine.

"Blake? I didn't know this was your house." He smiled.

Me and Layton had pretty much been sweethearts in junior high and part of high school. "Ya, I moved."

He nodded. "Anyway here's your pizza." He handed me the two boxes and I gave him the money and closed the door without saying anything.

'This day just gets weirder and weirder. Next thing you know, unicorns will be real.' I thought.

"Pizza!" I yelled grabbing a slice and sat on the couch.

Abby and Justice ran in the kitchen and grabbed a couple of piece's talking about the concert the next day.

We ate the pizza and watched the newest movie on Netflix the girls wanted to watch: One Direction, The only way is up.

"Okay girls. Time for bed." I called from the kitchen. "You have to keep your enrgy up for tomorrow."

"But, Blake! We haven't even sang any One Direction songs yet." Abby complained.

I walked in the family room and grabbed my guitar sitting on the floor. They laid out on the couch looking at me.

Strumming the guitar I thought of all the songs and came up with the best one. "It feels like we've been living in fast forward, another moment passing by. Up all night. The parties ending, but it's now or never. Nobodies going home tonight. Up all night." I looked at Abby and Justice who seemed to be slowly falling asleep. "Katy Perry's on replay, on replay. Dj got the floor to shake, the floor to shake. People going all the way, all the way. And I'm still wide awake." I looked at the girls who had fallen asleep.

I slowly got up and walked out of the room turning the lights off. "Crazy day," I whispered and walked to my own room to sleep.


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