Blakely lives in Chicago, Illinois with her two sisters, Abigail and Justice. She is struggling to keep her sisters in school after their mother dies and they have no idea who there father is. She finds out that she has a gift, singing. She pulls out her guitar and a hat and takes to the streets, when she meets a stranger who is not so strange to her sisters.


1. Going Back to Normal

Black, it was everywhere, even the sky. I held my sisters close to me silently vowing to never let them go. I'm nineteen now, I can be their legal guardian. 

"Blakely? What's gonna happen now?" Justice asked her green and brown eyes looking up at me. She sniffed pushing her curly brown hair out of her face. 

"We're going home, and pretending like nothing happened, okay?" I said looking as Abigail pushed her face into my side. 

"Come on let's go home." I grabbed both of their hands as we walked down the sidewalk to the black Toyota Corolla sitting in the drivers seat and waiting for the girls to put their seat belt on. "You ready?" i looked in the rear-view-mirror forcing a smile on my face.

"Ya," Abigail chocked out.

I started the car and pulled away from the cirb just as large rain drops hit the windshield. I sat there think of how I'm going to explain to the girls teachers what is going on, and how I'm going to get another job. I already work as a waitress at Nando's, but I could use another job to help keep the girls in school and keep the house. 

As I turned the corner onto Ridgeway Avenue, I almost hit four teenage girls running across the street. "Oh, my!" I hit the breaks as hard as I could. They screamed and ran to the sidewalk on the other side of the street. "What is going on?" I asked slowly going up the street. My mouth got wides as I saw hundreds of girls sitting outside of The Midwest Bank Ampitheater. 

"I almost forgot!" Justice squealed jumpping in her seat. 

"What is it?" I asked pulling over to the side of the road. 

Abigail was atching out the window intent, "One Direction is in town for their concert! Their going to be here for a couple of weeks!" She pushed her face up against the glass as a giant black bus drove by. 

"Oh, my gosh! It's them! It's really them!" Justice squealed and jumped out of the car Abigail not far behind. 

"Abby, Justice! Get Back here!" I yelled trying to get their attention. 

They ran up the street and into the crowd of screaming girls. "Crap!" I turned the car off chasing them into the crowd. When I found them they were by the back door of the stadium talking a tall boy with black hair and blond stripe down the middle. 

"You guys look a little lost." He laughed. He had a deep british accent. 

"Justice! Abby! What the hell was that? I told you stay in the car not go chasing after a bus full of stuck up boys!" I grabbed both of them pulling them into a hug. 


Justice pulled away, "Blake, meet Zayn Malik. One of the stuck up boys," She did a little qoutation signs with her fingers. "That was in the bus." 

My eyes got wide. "Oh, my god. I'm sorry!" I said pulling the girls behind me. I had never met a celebrity before and I didn't even really know who they were until now. 

Another boy with multiple colors of blond in his hair poked his head out of the door with four other boys, a camrea following them. "Zayn, come on." He looked up at me and winked. 

"Oh, my gosh! Louis! I'm like your biggest fan!" Abigail squeaked out. A boy with light brown hair stepped out and smiled at Abby. 

"What's your name?" He asked smiling at her. 

"Abigail." She started blushing, it took a lot to make Abby blush. Abigail nugded Justice in the ribs.

I looked down to see her staring at a boy with long curly hair. He made I contact with her, "So how old are you guys?" He ask Justice, she opened her mouth but nothing came out. 

"Their both twelve." I answered for her and Justice just nodded. 

"Oh, so are you guys going to the concert?" A boy with a brown Mohawk asked. 

They shook their heads looking at the ground. "No," Abby answered. 

Zayn frowned, "Why not?" He asked looking seriously hurt.

"We don't have the money and it was our moms funeral today." She confessed. 

I flinched, I didn't want some famous rich boys knowing what we are going through right now. I don't want their pity. 

"I'm so sorry." Zayn grabbed both of them pulling them into a hug when he saw the tears come into their eyes.

"Well, we should really be going." I grabbed them from Zayn pulling them away through the crowds the Camera following us perfectly. 

Once we where outside the arena I stopped and turned around to see a buff guy walking towards us. "Can I help you?" I asked him a little annoyed. 

"Yes, the boys were wondering if you wanted these." He held out three badges that a picture off the boys on them with black letters that said, 'V.I.P' on them.

Abby and Justice looked wide eyed at the man and jumped up and down wrapping their arms around him, "Thank you, Paul!" They squealed together. They squealed a lot for a couple of twelve year old girls. 

"No, problem. There is also one for you." He looked at me with blue eyes. 

"What? Oh thanks." I smiled and grabbed the girls hands pulling them to the car. 

"I can't believe we got V.I.P badges to the concert tomorrow!"Justice squealed again. 

"Okay guys we're going but no bragging about it, okay?" I turned around in my seat staring at them. They both nodded and stared at the badges. I slouched in my seat starting the car. 'Well that was ironic.' I thought then a face popped into my head. Multiple colors of blond hair, green blue eyes, and a perfect smile. 

"Who was the one with the blond hair?" I asked Abby and Justice.

"Oh, you mean Niall Horan." Justice laughed.

"He's Irish." Abigail added. 

I sighed, it's kind of scary how much they know about a British boy-band.






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