Ninja Girl: The Great Devourer

Now knowing where Nya is and that Sensei is safe, the ninja move to more pressing matters. The serpentine were united and are going to unleash the Great Devourer. Alex realized her potential is greater than she thought. She never believed in destiny until she sees it's mark. Alex must make her biggest dission ever, and meet a new ninja on the way.


1. Prologue

My name is Alex and I'm the pink ninja. I use to have a normal life until I could do this cool thing call Spinjitzu. My uncle use to talk about how I had the potential for it but until I used it, I didn't believe him. My uncle is on an important mission --- not surprising --- so the fate of Ninjago is in our hands. The serpentine have united and appearently I can see things that are invisible... Weird, but weirder has happened.

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