The Ultimate Lifeform (Shadows Story)

Fifty years ago, Dr. Gerald Robotnik created the Ultimate Lifeform. This was named Project X or Shadow The Hedgehog. Shadow was created to be a sort of step towards immortality but G.U.N deemed Shadow dangerous and wanted to destroy him at all costs. The airship he was created in A.R.K was attacked and G.U.N killed everyone present, including Maria Robotnik, Shadows only friend. But before she died, she told Shadow to give the peopl on Earth a "chance to be happy" and so sent him down to Earth, possibly dead.


1. Chapter 1

"Have I really done it? Have I created the first step towards immortality?" Dr. Gerald Robotnik whispers, looking at the test tube standing before him, in which was Project X.  Maria his daughter walks in and sees his father standing in front of the tube, silence falling over the room.


"Father, is that Project X?" She asks, her voice innocent as she walks up to her father who looks down at her, a grin planted on his face.


"Yes. Yes it is. Now Maria, what do you want to call it? It can't be named Project X all it's life of course." Gerald says, his eyes focused on the floating specimen in the tube. It's body was black and had red stripes on top of its spikes coming out of the back of its head.


"Of course father! Um... I think it should be called Shadow." Maria decides, smiling at the specimen. Her father puts his arm around her and chuckles.


"If that's what you want to call it, then it's name shall be Shadow." Gerald smiles. Little did Maria know, Shadow would soon become her best friend... And also the death of her.

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