this is about a girl named teresa (named after my friend) who grew up in the UK and moved to the states and she was friends with 1D and she left with out a goodbye. what happens when the boys come to america on tour and they run into eachother? read to find out (hai this is my first movella i hope you like it and as u can see im really bad at explaining things lol)


2. tickets


  (Teresas POV)

I woke up the next morning when my friend, Lexi, jumping on my bed and yelling, " TERESA!! GET UP!!!!!!" "Get off before I KILL you....." I mumbled into my pillow. I mean dont get me wrong I love this girl she's my BFF but I don't understand how she's so hyper and happy in the mornings! "Fineee!!! I'll go make breakfast," she yelled running to the kitchen! "You mean you haven't made it yet?!" I sassed at her.

(Lexi's POV)

Okay so before I continue I should tell you about myself. I'm also from the UK and I LOVE the Bristish/ Irish boyband, One Direction. (my room is COVERED with 1D posters.) Apperantly they grew up near us (closer to Teresa though.) Anyway I'm 5'3 with dirty blonde hair with goldish color streaks, (NATURAL) that goes a little past my shoulders,and I have bright blue eyes.

I woke up and tried to wake Teresa up. After about 15 minutes I started yelling and jumping on her bed, she finally got up and started yelling at me (I dont like being yelled at) so I said I would go and make breakfast. When I got to the kitchen I turned the radio on and heard a contest for One Direction tickets and V.I.P.  passes to win, we just had to name the next song so I grabbed the phone dialled the number and waited and it came on 'White lips, pale face, breathing in snowflakes,' I pressed call and the person answered and I guessed correctly and since I was the first caller, I got the tickets! After we hung up, I screamed as loud as I could and heard Teresa running down the hall.


(A/N Hai my fluffy unicorns!!!! yes i have desided on a name. THANK YOU FOR READING!!! anywayyy, i hope you like this story and stuff thanks for all you that have read this and favorited it it means so much and i promise i will try to post daily!)

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