this is about a girl named teresa (named after my friend) who grew up in the UK and moved to the states and she was friends with 1D and she left with out a goodbye. what happens when the boys come to america on tour and they run into eachother? read to find out (hai this is my first movella i hope you like it and as u can see im really bad at explaining things lol)


1. prolouge

Hi! my names Teresa Clare Steele. Im from the UK but i moved to the states when i was younger. No one really seems to belive me when i tell them i grew up with One Direction. But then again, would you?


Heres a little bit about me;

im about 5'5,i have brown curly hair that goes past my shoulders, brown eyes, im 17 and my best friend is named Lexi (who i havent told about me being friends with 1D) so yeah thats pretty much all you need to know bye!




(A/N Hey guys sorry its so short but i dont have a lot of time right now. this is my first movella so i hope you enjoy it! and thank you so much for reading this <3 but i have a serious question for you guys. should i call you guys my cookies or my fluffy unicorns?)

kik- cookiimonsterr

twitter-@ Lexi_Dannaker

youtube- lexidannaker

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