The heart of London

"I didn't look where i was going, tripped up and went flying into the two guys walking up the stairs. Luckily, we were on the bottom flight, so not much harm was done, but it did leave me in an awkward position, laying across both of the men I had just unwillingly rugby tackled onto the floor."

Set in 2016, Fran is a famous youtuber who moves to London to live with her best friend, Nicole. However, little does she know that while she's there, she's going to meet two very important guys that bring about so many changes in her life, she's going to need a seat belt.


1. Moving in

Adrenaline pumping through my veins, I took one last look at my home town of Nottingham before boarding the train to London. At 15 I had started my youtube channel, never expecting to be as big as it had turned out to be and now that I was finally 18, I could move out of my parents home and share a flat with my best friend who had moved away the same year in 2013. Now, three years later we had both earnt enough money to buy an apartment together. 

  As the train set off, I grinned, unable to wait for my new life of indipendance in the capital city. Checking my twitter, I sent out a tweet saying:


Can't wait to get to London, moving into my new apartent! I'm just on the train now :D

  Over the course of the journey, I amused myself by listening to music, scrolling through Tumblr and replying to some people on Twitter. A few people recognised me and asked for photographs , obliging, I smiled and had a chat with them until the train pulled into St Pancrass and I got off, pulling on my backpack and pulling along my large suitcase behind me. Hopping into a taxi, I arrived outside the apartment building and pressing the buzzer labelled '3a'. Hearing a faint buzzing sound, Nicole came on a few seconds later, cautiously asking who was there.


  "Nicole! It's me!" I grinned, laughing when I heard her scream and slam the door open. Seconds later, the front door flew open and I was nearly knocked over by the flying blonde slamming into me and squeezing me to death. "When did you get here?"

  "Just about ten minutes ago! I managed to find the kettle, so we can have a cup of tea or something." She beamed, literally pulling me up the stairs to our flat. 

  "How many bloody stairs can there be in one building?!" I huffed, dragging my luggage through the door and plonking it down on the sofa. "Have you chosen the rooms yet?" I asked, scanning my surroundings.

  "No, I thought I'd do that when you got here... You can have the first pick, I need the loo."

  Skipping through the rooms, I chose one overlooking the London landscape, picturing it alight in the night time; twinking and shimmering with all the electric lights. From all my past experiences from long weekends with my parents, London in the day and London in the night were two completely different scenes. 

  As I dumped my stuff in my new room, I knew that this would be a new start in my life. And it was going to be the best one yet.

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