The heart of London

"I didn't look where i was going, tripped up and went flying into the two guys walking up the stairs. Luckily, we were on the bottom flight, so not much harm was done, but it did leave me in an awkward position, laying across both of the men I had just unwillingly rugby tackled onto the floor."

Set in 2016, Fran is a famous youtuber who moves to London to live with her best friend, Nicole. However, little does she know that while she's there, she's going to meet two very important guys that bring about so many changes in her life, she's going to need a seat belt.


2. Meeting the neighbours

It wasn't until a month later when I met the people living opposite in 3b. It was August, and as usual, freezing sub zero temperatures outside. But, as per usual, in a state of my usual clumsiness, I tripped over the xbox controller leads and ripped my favorite jeans right down the leg so we were going out to town to try and buy some new ones. Getting changed, I pulled on my purple skinny jeans; baggy red nose day Beatles t-shirt; leather jacket and TARDIS hat then finally slipping on my pink converse we meandered out of the apartment and, locking the door behind us we headed for the stairs.

"I'll race you!" I challenged Nic, flashing her a cheeky smile as I began to charge down the first flight of stairs.

"FRAN!" She yelled after me, starting to follow suite. "Every time we go out, you race me down these stairs!"

"You think you would've won once too!" I shot back at her over my shoulder, giggling a little. 

Big mistake.

I didn't look where i was going, tripped up and went flying into the two guys walking up the stairs. Luckily, we were on the bottom flight, so not much harm was done, but it did leave me in an awkward position, laying across both of the men I had just unwillingly rugby tackled onto the floor. Laughing nervously, I picked myself up and sent them a sheepish grin, dusting myself off a little.

"FRAN WHAT DID YOU DO?!" Nicole exclaimed, standing agressivly on the staircase, arms folded and sending me a glare that could burn a hole through your skull.

"Ah, fuck... sorry guys." I apologised, helping them up. "I'm what they call a fire hazzard." I added, feeling really socially awkward right now.

"No problem, it happens to the best of us." The older guy smiled, instantly putting me at ease. "Just try to look where you're going next time."

  I liked this guy, he had an aura of calm about his being that made you just relax and feel comfortable talking to him. Despite being the older of the two, he was smaller than the other dude yet still towered over my measly 5'4". At this moment in time, he was definately the most likeable of the two as the other man was just standing there, looking either really awkward or really disgusted. I just assumed it was a mixure of the two.

Almost immediately I decided that I wasn't too keen on this one. The way he was standing showed me that he obviously really didn't want to be here in this situatiion, having to talk or even look at me at all. Wow, I mean thanks dude. I don't even know you and you dont even eant to breathe the same air as me? I can't be that much of a peasant, can I?

But somehow as i looked at their features, I felt like I recognised them from somewhere... I just didn't know where exactly.

"Well, it was nice bumping into you, but I have to replace my faveourtie skinny jeans that I somehow managed to completely demolish and I can see that your friend here isn't happy about having made physical contact with a peasant like me, so I guess I'll see you around!" I chirped sarcastically and waltzed out of the building in a manner of someone who just didnt give one single fuck. That night, we were watching part of the first series of Merlin, Nicole turned to me, obviously realising who those guys were.



"I know who those guys were."


"They were AmazingPhil and Danisnotonfire." She concluded, eyes glued back to the TV, watching Merlin forge Excalibur in the dragon's breath. 


"Ow... shit that hurt." I grimaced as I rubbed my forehead where I had just smacked it just a little too vigorously.

"Well done, Fran..." She sarcastically congratulated me, poking her tongue in my direction before taking a sip of her coffee. Blowing a raspberry at her, I said goodnight and got changed into my usual nightwear which concluded of men's baggy jogging bottoms or baggy shorts and an oversized t shirt. Tonight's choice was my very oversized microsoft spelling bee top that I had obtained from being the reserve on the winning team of the Nottinghamshire catergory back in 2010 when I was just a tiny year 7 egg lookalike and some grey joggers. Logging onto my youtube account, I started reading all the new comments on my most recent video which just so happened to be a QandA session with Nicole helping me. Most of the comments were people asking questions ready for the next one but there were a few mentioning Nicole and how she should get her own youtube channel. I had actually tried to convince her to get one but she never really liked the idea after getting terrored for trying to make one on year 9. As did I but I realised my mistakes and started the one I have today.


My mistakes being that I told the dickheads from school about my channel when I should have really been focusing on not letting them find out and trying to branch out into the world beyond school. But one tiny comment stuck out like a sore thumb for me and It was just two little words from someone I really didn't expect. There, right in my inbox were the words,

'AmazingPhil has commented on your video: Truth or Dare-London style'
'Hello, neighbour!'
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