Third bench from the Oak Tree. (1D, Finished)

It's your birthday and everything is perfect. But spending the night in with your boyfriend Harry and your friends soon turns disastrous when an unexpected visitor arrives.

Will a simple note save your relationship?


4. Third Bench From The Oak Tree.

I decided to go to a hotel. I got there and the receptionist asked if I was ok. With tears still falling down my face I said I was fine and that I just wanted a room to spend the night in. She gave me the keys to the room and I went and lead on the hotel bed. The room was bright...everything was either white or blue. It was like they were trying to make it feel more pleasant. But nothing in the world was going to brighten my day.   


I just lead staring at the ceiling with my makeup stained face. Thinking to myself. I wonder what he's doing right now. I wonder if he's thinking of me... But then reality hit me. Of course he isn't. There are millions of girls in the world he could be with. Loosing me won't matter to him.  My tears slowly started to fall again when I saw a piece of paper appear from under the door. I quickly rushed over and picked it up. On it said,  


Third Bench From The Oak Tree. x  


I looked at it and a slight smile appeared on my face. But then I thought to myself. That's where everything that where it will end too?!


I left the hotel with mascara still covering my face, sniffling and letting a gentle tear flow down my cheek as I made my way to the park.  


When I arrived it was quite dark and only a few little street lights dully lit the footpaths. I could see Harry sat on the bench from the park gate. I just stood and watched for a while. Trying to prepare myself for the arguing to come. Tears falling from my eyes once more. I then walked down the path to the bench where Harry was sat and said,  


"Har-" He cut me off,  


"Don't say anything." He stood from the bench and held both my hands. "I didn't mean any of those things I said to you. I was just jealous. Today I was expecting to spend the day with  just you.  No-one else. But...then the guys came over and I felt a little down but it was  your  day so I held it in. But when I saw you hugging that guy. It just broke me. I'm so sorry." He pulled me in closer to him, staring into my soul with his emerald green eyes and then carried on talking. 

"Since you left all I have managed to do is sit with the TV turned right down and a bottle of wine. In a room full of pictures of Thinking of a million reasons why I love you..." Tears started to flow down his pale skin. "I can't lose you Y/N. And that's why I sent you the note to come here." I looked at him slightly confused and then to my surprise he got down on one knee...pulled out a little tiffany box...opened it and said,  


"Y/N...will you marry me?"          


I love the way he phrase's each sentence to make each word sound so perfectly rehearsed, though he is only talking with an inch of formality. The way he knows the exact words to say and in what fraction of time to say them in. I love the way his eyes sparkle every time he smiles. A smile that could warm the coldest of hearts. And the way he laughs at the simplest of things as if the humour doesn't matter but the happiness does. I love the way he swears he has faults and only I know what they are. I love the way I love him...and have a million reasons why.  


"Yes." I replied with happy tears flooding my face and a huge smile to go with it.  


That night I thought everything was coming to an end. Where reality. Next to the third bench...under that towering oak tree...was where it all began.


Hope you enjoyed reading- comment if you want more :)

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