Third bench from the Oak Tree. (1D, Finished)

It's your birthday and everything is perfect. But spending the night in with your boyfriend Harry and your friends soon turns disastrous when an unexpected visitor arrives.

Will a simple note save your relationship?


2. "Just Friends"

When I walked into the room Harry stood up from the couch, walked towards me and wished me a happy birthday with a welcomed hug and kiss. After we eventually let go of each other he handed me a little neatly wrapped box and I opened it to find a beautiful diamond necklace placed inside. My face lit up and he could tell that I loved it. He smiled pleased with my reaction and said,  


"Turn around then babe... and I'll put it on for you." I passed him the necklace and then slowly turned to let him place the sparkling stones around me. When he had closed the clasp on the necklace I could feel his warm breath against my neck giving me an excited shiver down my spine as he lent in for a kiss. Once he had kissed my neck he spun me round to face him, pushed me up against the wall and kissed me passionately. Surprise kisses like these were always the best.  


After, Harry then whispered into my ear, "I love you." then retreated to the couch where he was sitting before and I joined him.   

"So Harry, what's the plan for today?" I asked cheekily.  


"Niall called me last night to tell me not to plan anything because you had already?" I carried on...  


"Ah, I see...I guess that means the boys are coming over...if that's ok with you?" He looked at me worried and I giggled and replied,  


"Of course it's ok! What more could I ask for!" Harry looked at me for a while trying to see if I was being sarcastic and then just laughed.  


We were sat there for about an hour or two cuddled up, talking and watching television when there was a knock at the door and the boys had arrived. For the next 3 hours I was bombarded with hugs, presents, shockingly awful jokes and party games they had made up to make things a little more interesting. The five boys made the house sound as if there were about forty people partying in it. They were so loud that I could hardly hear the doorbell ring.  


"Oh. I'll get it!" I shouted hoping to escape the noise for a few minutes. When I opened the door I was shocked to see a familiar face that I hadn't seen in a while.  


"Oh my gosh! RUSS?!" I shouted with shock and gave him a huge hug. Russ was a close friend I knew from my hometown before I moved in with Harry. I had told Harry quite a lot of stories about him when I used to miss home. But it's not so bad anymore. Russ was a photographer; he used to come up to London quite a lot to take photos of different people and events. But since his grandfather passed away he didn't come up very often.  


"Come in, come in! You can meet Harry and the guys!" I insisted. But he looked at me with appointment and replied,  


"I'm sorry I can't, I haven't got long until I have to get the train back home. But I can talk here for a little?" I'm not gunna lie I was disappointed but we stood and spoke for a while. Telling each other about recent events and laughing at each other’s stories. But, shortly enough it was time for Russ to leave. I leant over to give him a goodbye hug and then Harry came out.  


"I heard all the laughing. Wanted to see what was happening." He didn't look impressed.  


"Hey babe, this is Russell. Russ this is Harry." They shook hands but quickly after, Russ said,  


"I'm really sorry Y/N, but I have to go." I nodded my head and smiled understandingly and then shut the door as he walked down the path.  


"WHAT WAS THAT?!" Harry questioned me in anger. I looked at him confused.  


"What was what Harry?" I could see the frustration building in him.  




"HARRY! You're getting this all wrong...we're just friends!" I interrupted and a tear started to form in the bottom of my eye. Harry didn't seem to understand.  


"YEH! WELL YOU KNOW I COULD WALK OUT ON TO THE STREET NOW AND BE "JUST FRIENDS" WITH ANY GIRL THAT I WANTED!?" I stared at him in shock. Did he really just say that to me?  Harry's anger was taking over him and he powerfully kicked the door to the room where the guys were. Cold tears started to fall down my cheeks and my breathing started to get faster. The guys quickly ran out from the other room to see if everything was ok. But as soon as they opened that door, I left through the front door and ran down the street crying my heart out. As I ran I could hear Harry swearing and shouting at the guys about what happened. I could hear them trying to calm him down. I could hear him telling them that I was all over Russell. That wasn't true! He was making me out to be some kind of monster. When I didn't even do anything! But, I just kept running.

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