Third bench from the Oak Tree. (1D, Finished)

It's your birthday and everything is perfect. But spending the night in with your boyfriend Harry and your friends soon turns disastrous when an unexpected visitor arrives.

Will a simple note save your relationship?


3. I Promise You Won't See Me Again.

After a while I got to a park. I sat on a bench near a towering oak tree mascara stains around my eyes and shivering in the cold. I sat and thought to myself. Why didn't Harry stop me from leaving? Why didn't any of the guys even try and come after me? I thought they cared. What if he doesn't want to be in a relationship anymore? What if it's all over?  


My tears grew heavier and my sobs louder as I thought more about what would happen next. Other people in the park stared at me as they passed. I had nowhere else to go. No time to grab anything before I left. I checked my pockets to see what I had on me. A silver pen with jewels on it that Harry had bought me, an old piece of paper, credit card and my phone. More tears fell from my eyes as I sat there and wrote...  


Dear Harry,  

I still remember the day that we met. In a park, third bench from the oak tree. It was the best day of my life. I met the most amazing, wonderful, caring guy that day. And I fell in love.    But now, I have upset you...and I'm sorry. But you need to know that you have upset me too. I'm not hurt because you were angry with me. I can understand that. I am only hurt because of what you said to me. You are right. You can go out there and choose any girl you like. They would probably be a thousand times better than me and make you happier than I ever have.    But once upon a time you were out there, and you chose me. I have no idea why. But you did...and I need to thank you for that. You made my life....prefect. But if what you said to me tonight is really what you think. Then I can't stick around and pretend that everything is ok...because I'm hurting Harry.    I promise you won't see me again. Please don't think that I don't care about you, because I do. With every piece of my broken heart.  I will never stop loving you Harry Styles. That's a promise.   In a couple days time this will be front page of the newspapers and magazines...and interviewers will be asking you millions of questions about our break up. By then, it'll be like I never existed.  


Goodbye Harry.    


Lots of love - Y/N xxx      


When I had finished writing the letter I looked down at the page to see ink runs where my tears had fallen on to it. I then took a deep breath, folded the letter and began walking back to the house. The streets were now ghostly as the dusk grew to night. And I felt even more alone than I had ever felt in my life. I had no-one.  


I reached the gate to the drive of the house. Then took another deep breath and opened it as tears started to flood my cheeks once more. Today had been like going to sleep with a dream and waking to a nightmare. Unbearable. I needed to make this quick. I needed to get it over with.  


I walked up to the door and knocked three times. Then waited.   I saw a blurred image of someone coming to answer. It was Harry.   


"Y/N I'm so sorry! I di-" I interrupted him before he could finish.  


"E-everything I need to say is in this." I sniffled and handed him the tear stained letter, he raised it to his eye-line and started to read. I stood there for a few moments, watching all his emotions build up and tears swarm his eyes. He read every word. But, by the time he had finished reading. I was gone. 

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