Third bench from the Oak Tree. (1D, Finished)

It's your birthday and everything is perfect. But spending the night in with your boyfriend Harry and your friends soon turns disastrous when an unexpected visitor arrives.

Will a simple note save your relationship?


1. He Swears He Has Faults?

Today is my birthday.

I've awoken to a beautiful spring morning and the warm sunlight resting on my face. A slight breeze coming through the open window gently blowing the bedroom curtains, and the smell of a freshly made cup of coffee. Everything is perfect. It's one of those days where you wake up thinking to yourself...this is right, this is just, where I should be.   


I lie staring at the ceiling lost in thought of what the day may bring, when a light knock on the bedroom door interrupts me.  


"Good morning, birthday girl."   


I love the way he phrase's each sentence to make each word sound so perfectly rehearsed, though he is only talking with an inch of formality. The way he knows the exact words to say and in what fraction of time to say them in. I love the way his eyes sparkle every time he smiles. A smile that could warm the coldest of hearts. And the way he laughs at the simplest of things as if the humour doesn't matter but the happiness does. I love the way he swears he has faults yet no-body knows what they are. I love the way I love him...and have a million reasons why.  


"Morning." I reply with my unsightly morning voice as he places a tray on the bedside table and sits beside me. I then hear his rocky voice whisper in my ear,  


"You look beautiful."  He pushes my hair out of my face, kisses me gently and then gets up to leave the room. As he's leaving I quickly glance at the tray he's put beside the bed. On it sat a mug with a little pink heart printed onto it. The wonderful smell of coffee started to fill the room even more now. Next to the mug was a plate which had egg on toast placed onto it. The white of the egg had been cut into a heart shape with a cookie cutter. Also placed on the tray was a beautiful red rose. Its vibrant red colour sharing its beauty with the world. As soon as I saw all the effort he had gone to a huge smile appeared on my face.  


"Harry, wait!" I managed to call him before he closed the door.   


"What's wrong babe?" He turned around with a slight worried look upon his face.  


"I love you." I replied softly. He stared at me smiling from the doorway for a little before he managed to say it back. Then he quietly left the room.  


After he had gone I began eating my lovely breakfast he had prepared and then climbed out of the bed. I stumbled over to the big window and pulled open the curtains. I loved the view from the bedroom window. It looked over one of London's busiest roads. I loved London, it’s one of those cities that always keep you on your toes...or at least that’s how I like to think of it. 


After gazing at the passing traffic for a few minutes I made my way to my wardrobe where I pulled out a cute outfit to wear. A green floral top, a blue skirt and a pair of laced flats. Once I had chosen my outfit I then took a quick shower, got dressed and fixed my hair. Then making sure I looked as good as can be I wondered down the staircase and went to the lounge. 

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