A New Life

Brianna is 15 years old. Brianna is going on a trip with her parents to London when something terrible happens. What will happen when she has to live with her brother, who doe doesn't even know?


2. New people

At first I didn't think that I could possibly have a brother, but when he walked into the hospital, I knew he was MY brother. The doctor stood up and spoke " hello Louis! Well here is your sister, you can go now" then he spoke " hello. I'm Louis! And your Brianna" this was when I was shy " hi." I whispered loud enough for him to hear. " well your probably tired! Lets get you home." He led me to his car. 

We have finally arrived and I am standing in my room, it's just a normal room with a desk, dresser, vanity and bed. I told Louis that I was tired and he left to go get someone. I sat on the bed and took my shoes off and got under the bed and thought about all the things that have happened. My parents are dead. I'm living with my brother and friends who I didn't even think existed. I have no clothes. My parents are dead. I was in a plane crash. My parents are dead. MY PArENTS ARE DEAD. This is when I broke down in sobbs. I curled up in the tightest ball I could possibly be in.  Then, when I finally decided to stop crying, I went to find a bathroom. When I found one, I took a shower and got out. I dried off and went through the drawers, finally I found what I wanted, a razor. I took it apart and did my business. I whiped up some of the blood, but I was still bleeding when I started to cry again.  This time I didn't stop and I didn't even notice the sound of a door nob turning. There louis stood. He got a towel and some wrap and cleaned me up without speaking. Then when he was done, he sat down next to me and we talked about everything, then he took me to me to my room and told me to get a good sleep, for I was meeting people tommorow. I fall into deep sleep thinking about who I could be meeting tommorow.

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