Number 17 Returns

It's been months since Louis was back home.
He left behind his family, friends and his team. When him and the boys left he changed he was never the same always missing Ellie. But the day before Louis left he kissed Ellie. she kissed back. But the next day when Louis was leaving a fight broke out between the two of them and it was back to being angry.
Louis wondered if Ellie missed him as much as he missed her. Of course Ellie did. Ellie was telling her new friend Jane who also knows Louis, Jane was in contact with Louis, she told Louis about Ellie missing him but Ellie was still angry so Louis had a big choice to make... Stay away or Return?


1. Leaving

Chapter 1: Leaving 

-Authors note: I'm copying my friend Natalie's idea (She Wrote Blood Lust..) where she puts the song she wants her readers to listen to in brackets so look out for that!!! :)- 

(Play Thinking Of You - Katy Perry) 

Months ago, (4 months) 

-Louis' POV- 

I carried my last bag out of the house. While we were gone Lou was going to watch the place like she did last time. I put it in the trunk I heard rustling off to the side of me I looked over to see Ellie. She was crying... 
"Hey" I said awkwardly 
"Hi" she said we stood awkwardly, I spread my arms she quickly walked forward wrapping her arms around my body I wrapped mine around her. 
"I'm going to miss you" She whispered crying 
"I'll miss you too" I said tears started to come down my cheeks 
"You know you really don't have to do this.." She said 
"Yes, I do." I said 
"Just don't go" she begged 
"Ellie I'm doing this for me... For us, maybe time apart is what we need" I said 
"Your only thinking about yourself, your leaving like you always do when things get bad" she said moving away from me. Seriously? She wanted to fight now I rolled my eyes 
"What about you? You expect everything to go the way you want it too. News flash Ellie, not everything will." I said 
"Whatever like always blame it on me right, well have fun!" She yelled I slammed the trunk of Niall's range rover shut 
"I will!" I yelled she started to walk 
"I hope you never come back!" She yelled 
"More than planning on it sweet heart!" She flipped me off walking away 
"Enjoy yourself Ellie! You know with that rapest of a boyfriend!" I shouted
"Go to hell ass hole!" She yelled 
"Yeah fuck you too!" I yelled after her 
"I hate you!" She yelled before running away I sighed I punched the back of he car 
"Woah easy... What's wrong?" Niall asked 
"I'm sorry, did it dent?" I asked 
"No but something's wrong with you, tell me" he said 
"Just I'm fucking done with all this Ellie shit. Do you think were doing the right thing? Leaving town I mean?" I asked 
"I think that's up to you to decide. I'll follow you wherever you go Louis." He said 
"Thanks Niall" I said 
"What are friends for?" He asked I didn't say anything 
"C'mon lets get out of here" he said as we got in the car the other boys buckled in when they came out. 
I sighed looking out the window. I saw Ellie walking across the field. 
I watched her with my eyes, I knew in a few hours maybe minutes I'd regret all the things I said but for now I was still very angry. 

--Present Day-- 

(Dont have to play anything) 

-Louis' POV- 

"Are you positive you wanna do this?" Harry asked for the 50th time as he pulled off the highway 
"I know I wanna do this. I NEED to do this, it feels right" I said 
"If your sure..." He trailed off 
"I am, thanks for setting all of this up. It means a lot." I said 
"I hope it means just as much as to her as it does you." He said 
"Same" I said feeling the nervous squeeze of my stomach. 
"I hope this isn't going to be one big disaster" Harry said more to himself I didn't say anything I just looked out the window. I started to get sweaty palms once more. 

-Ellie's POV- 

I sighed getting out of bed. Today was my birthday. I looked at my phone texts from Zoé were all that was there I don't know why but I always hoped there would be a text from Louis there saying he was back in town. It's been 4 months since I last saw him... Today I was having my birthday party at Flo's, a club/dining place. I was so excited because my favorite performer ever Pink was coming! I loved her she was amazing. She was going to perform 3 songs; "Blow Me (One Last Kiss), "The Truth About Love" and "Just Give Me A Reason ft. Nate Ruess. I was so happy. But 5 things were missing.... Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Louis. I didn't know where they were living so I couldn't send them invitations. Like they'd come... 
I pulled on some track pants and a tank top. I walked down the stairs just as Zoé walked in after Louis left people started to get the picture. I still sat at the quiet table until Zoé shocked everyone at the table by starting to talk to me. I wasn't very happy until she broke my shell. But as soon as my birthday came around I got sad again because Louis was always a big part of my birthday. 
I sighed slapping one a fake smile for Zoé's sake. 
"Ready for your party?!" She asked 
I invited everyone in our grade which was 147 because I felt everyone should be able to see Pink if I had her for the night because if I didn't invite them it would've just been Zoé my cousins and my mom. But since everyone's going my family isn't coming. 
"It's going to be fun" I said opening up the fridge 
"Lighten up El! It's going to be a fun night." Zoé said grabbing my shoulders 
"Yeah it's going to be a blast... Make yourself at home I'm going to shower then you can do my hair and make up as you wanted..." I said shuffling down the hall. I lazily climbed the stairs I got into my bathroom, I turned on the shower and stripped down. I got I'm the shower I stood under the hot rain as I started to cry, today was going to be hard. I wish I could go back to the day Louis left and change the things I said to him. I washed my body and hair and got out I brushed my hair and wrapped my thin silk robe around my body and called Zoé she came up I sat down infront of my makeup counter I stared into the mirror. She started to put on my make up I wasn't even paying attention zoned out when she was saying things only faint nods and shakes of my heads were answering her. 
This was going to be a long day. 

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