Number 17 Returns

It's been months since Louis was back home.
He left behind his family, friends and his team. When him and the boys left he changed he was never the same always missing Ellie. But the day before Louis left he kissed Ellie. she kissed back. But the next day when Louis was leaving a fight broke out between the two of them and it was back to being angry.
Louis wondered if Ellie missed him as much as he missed her. Of course Ellie did. Ellie was telling her new friend Jane who also knows Louis, Jane was in contact with Louis, she told Louis about Ellie missing him but Ellie was still angry so Louis had a big choice to make... Stay away or Return?


3. Authors note! (MUST READ-ish)

Hey guys! 

Super excited to have posted this! Sorry if it sucks! So anyways tell me if you like it! 

I know the first few chapters are kinda bad but eeeeh they'll get better... :) 




- Hailey xx

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