Tough love

Hi my name is Kaila. I'm 17 and I go to Langston high school. There are many things about myself that people don't know. I don't have many friends only 3 there names are Allison, Miranda and Brittany. I will never fall in love. I will never love anyone ever again. no one will ever love me. this is my second movella so please don't be harsh but tell me how you feel so I can make it better and comment ideas for the chapters. enjoy.


7. that just really happend

I was shocked people thought I was prettier then her I mean I guess I am but why would Justin do that now she is going to make my life even more miserable.


Justin: to help you so you didn't have to deal with her anymore.

Kaila: you thought you would get me this way?

Justin: umm I don't know

Kaila: well guess what it didn't work! so just leave me alone.

I left the cafeteria and walked home since it was time to leave after lunch anyways but Justin followed me.


Kaila: what do you want?

Justin: you think I just did this so I could be with you but its not just that I did this for the girls and you to be happier and not afraid to talk to guys and have other friends.

Kaila: you want me to date other guys?

Justin: I want you to do what makes you happy and if not being with me makes you happy then I am perfectly fine with it, one thing I ask is to be my friend and when you do find a boyfriend be careful and just be happy

Kaila: Justin I-I don't want another boyfriend

Justin: what do you mean I did this all for nothing?

Kaila: no I mean I don't want another boyfriend that isn't you

Justin: really?

Kaila: you just did something no one has have done for me not even the girls and probably no one ever would and you did even after I yelled at you and said some really nasty rude things to you, and you didn't do it for you to be with me you did it so I could be happy and be with who I want even if its not you.

Justin: so your saying you want to be with me?

Kaila: that's exactly what I am saying silly, so do you still want to be with me?

Justin: of course I do aha

Kaila: good because I wouldn't take no as an answer I should call the girls and tell them and see what Ashley did

Justin: ok

I called Allison and told her the news about me and Justin and she freaked out she was so happy and so were the other girls I also asked her what Ashley did and she said that she just ran away crying I had to admit I felt bad and I shouldn't because of everything she has done to me I guess I am a better person. and I have the best boyfriend any girl could ask for.

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