Tough love

Hi my name is Kaila. I'm 17 and I go to Langston high school. There are many things about myself that people don't know. I don't have many friends only 3 there names are Allison, Miranda and Brittany. I will never fall in love. I will never love anyone ever again. no one will ever love me. this is my second movella so please don't be harsh but tell me how you feel so I can make it better and comment ideas for the chapters. enjoy.


1. strange boy.

Hi my name is Kaila and I am 17 years old and go to Langston high school. I have three best friends that are awesome. there name are Miranda, Brittany and Allison. All three of them have a boyfriend that is hot and super sweet to me but the thing is im the prettiest of all of them, or that's what everyone tells me. I don't want a boyfriend though because every time I get one they brake my heart by dumping me or cheating on me with a cheerleader, and boy do I hat snobby little cheerleaders that think there all cool but in reality guys only like them for there looks and the fact that there cheerleaders. I used to be a cheerleader in middle school and one year of high school but I learned that I honestly hated it and hated them. In fact theres this one cheerleader that gets on my mind the most her name is Ashley every time I have a boyfriend she makes them cheat on me with her. I used to be best friends with her but when I decided to quit cheerleading she started hating on me because she said it ruined the tem because I was the best cheerleader and I admit I was pretty good but I hated it so I just quit. she made my life miserable. she called me fat, ugly, stupid and some other things I shouldn't say. but the one thing that hurt me the most was when she called my dad a drunk in front of my whole school and said he beats me but infact hes sober and hates drinking and not once in my life has laid a hand on me and hes the best dad any girl or boy or girl could ever ask for. I was running to school because I was already late. as I was walking I ran into a boy.

Kaila: I am so sorry I wasn't paying attention are you ok?

boy: yes I am fine.

Kaila: well I should go I am already late for school.

boy: what school do you go to?

Kaila: Langston high school.

boy: oh I go there to

Kaila: really I don't think I've ever seen you befor.

Boy: oh that's because I just moved here.

Kaila: really when?

boy: well today is my second day.

Kaila: well then were both late.

Boy: aha yeah I guess we are. whats your name?

Kaila: Kaila you?

Boy: Justin.

Kaila: well then Justin would you like to walk with me since were going the same way?

Justin: yeah sure I guess.

Kaila: alright then lets go aha.

when me and Justin got to school we realized that we had the same schedule so we both went to math. when we got in math Brittany was there and when I walked in she looked at me and then at Justin and she smiled at me, the kind of smile that's like oooh. I just laughed and walked to my seat and Justin sat next to me. after class I said by to Justin and Brittany walked over to me with a smirk.

Brittany: who was that?

Kaila: his name is Justin and hes a friend I bumped in to him on my way to school.
Brittany: well I think hes cute and I think he might like you.
Kaila: no he doesn't we just met and how would you know>

Brittany: because you can tell by the way he looked at you that's the way Matt looks at me>

Kaila: well not everyone is like matt>

Brittany: whatever I shouldn't even bother with you and boys you always turn them down ad say I cant get hurt again and if I don't have a boyfriend I wont get hurt.

Kaila: I have to get to science ill see you at lunch>

Brittany: ok bye.

she should really stop trying to get me to go out with guys because I refuse to I mean Justin seems like an ok guy but I just met him.

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