Tough love

Hi my name is Kaila. I'm 17 and I go to Langston high school. There are many things about myself that people don't know. I don't have many friends only 3 there names are Allison, Miranda and Brittany. I will never fall in love. I will never love anyone ever again. no one will ever love me. this is my second movella so please don't be harsh but tell me how you feel so I can make it better and comment ideas for the chapters. enjoy.


2. lunch

When I walked to lunch I sat next to Brittany, Miranda, and Allison. I saw Justin sitting alone so I decided to get up and sit with him.

Kaila: hey do you mind if I sit with you?

Justin: no you can sit, you don't have to ask.

Kaila: thanks Justin so what's up?

Justin: nothing just eating, why aren't you eating with your friends there staring at me and give me a kind of creepy smile.

Kaila: there just wanting me to get a boyfriend and every time I talk to a guy they stare and think I should go out with him.

Justin: well have you ever gone out with the guy they want you to?

Kaila: nope I don't trust guys and I refuse to go out with them because they always brake my heart by cheating on me with a cheerleader and its always the same cheerleader.

Justin: what cheerleader?

Kaila: Ashley we used to be best friends but when I quit cheerleading she got mad at me and started making my life miserable and I don't know why I mean she said that its because I was the best on the squad.

Justin: you did cheerleading? and that's just awful I am so sorry she did that to you.

Kaila: yeah I did it from middle school all he way to my freshman year, and yeah all my friends have left me and stopped talking t me because she told them that if they didn't they would make there lives miserable to. but Brittany, Miranda and Allison have stayed by my side no matter what Ashley does to them or me.

Justin: wow that's awful Kaila, I wont do that to you if she starts trying to ruin my life I wont leave your side.

Kaila: really thanks aha your a nice guy.

Justin; yeah aha I get that a lot.

Kaila: aha so do you have a girlfriend?

Justin: nope I mean I did at my old school and it was good but she was always flirting with my best friend jack.

Kaila: oh I'm sorry

Justin: its ok you don't need to be sorry things happen like that I mean you've had more problems with that kind of stuff

Kaila: aha yeah I guess but its still sad

Justin: thank you

Kaila: for what?

Justin: for coming and sitting and talking with me and being a good friend.

Kaila: why are you thanking me for being a friend?

Justin: because I know what your friends think of you hanging out with guys, and you still are hanging out with me.

Kaila: well your welcome and its none of there business who I hang out with and why.

Justin: yeah I guess well I should get to gym I have a meet for football.

Kaila: ok bye.

Justin: bye

I walked away from the table and he wet to his football meet. I walked over to the girls and they were smiling at me when I sat down.

Kaila: don't you even say anything guys I know your going to say ooh who's that boy he's cute are you dating him now?

Brittany: Kaila we just want you to be happy and for someone to love you.

Kaila: I don't want someone to love me and you guys need to stop getting me dates and guys who do like me.

Miranda: your the prettiest of all of us and we all have a boyfriend and its a little confusing to all the boys and girls

Allison: wow thanks Miranda.

Miranda: well you know it and so does everyone else its not really a secret and I am not saying any of us is ugly I mean clearly were not we have boyfriends.

Kaila: can you guys stop I don't think we need to go over me being prettier then you, and I dint want a boyfriend so just back off ok.

Brittany: sorry but..

Kaila: sorry but what?

Brittany: you need to not block out every guy that likes you their not all bad Kaila


Brittany: Kaila your going to be fine she cant ruin you unless you let her.


Brittany: you still have us and can you stop yelling.

Kaila: NO

Brittany: listen I should get going.

Kaila: then go.

The other girls followed her and just looked at me like they felt bad but I was wrong. I am not wrong though there the ones getting invold with my love life. I suddenly started crying and ran and i bumped into someone ad just sat there still crying and it was Justin he just hugged me and i continued to cry.

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