Tough love

Hi my name is Kaila. I'm 17 and I go to Langston high school. There are many things about myself that people don't know. I don't have many friends only 3 there names are Allison, Miranda and Brittany. I will never fall in love. I will never love anyone ever again. no one will ever love me. this is my second movella so please don't be harsh but tell me how you feel so I can make it better and comment ideas for the chapters. enjoy.


4. Hanging with justin

Hanging out with Justin is going to be fun but I know when the girls find out they are going to hate me. and I was right because Allison texted me.

Alli: hey I herd you go out with Justin now.

Kaila: um no I don't but I don't want to talk you, you guys hate me.

Alli: I don't hate you why would I your my best friend

Kaila: that's not what you said today

Alli: I said that because I was mad friends fight and say things they don't mean all the time

Kaila: well fine we can be friends but not Britt I hate her

Alli: ok I don't care if you don't want to be friends with them

Kaila: ok but I have to go Justin's her were hanging out tonight and it not a date so calm down I know your screaming right now.

Alli: you know me to well aha bye

Kaila: bye

As I walked down the stairs and saw Justin sitting on my couch.

Justin: hey you look nice

Kaila: back off pretty boy aha thanks

Justin: no problem

Kaila: aha so were are we going again?

Justin: the movies

Kaila: oh yeah o forgot let me go get my purse so I can grab some money

Justin: uh I don't think so I'm paying

Kaila: no Justin you don't have to do that I can pay for my self

Justin: are you crazy I never bring a girl to the movies and make her pay for herself that's just messed up

Kaila: Justin I-I

Justin: shut up and lets go

Kaila: aha ok whatever you say pretty boy

Justin: why do you always call me pretty boy?

Kaila: because your a pretty boy

Justin: no I'm not your a pretty girl

Kaila: Justin I will hurt you shut up

Justin: why cant I call you pretty you are

Kaila: well thank you

Justin: well your welcome

We watched the movie and it was good but then when he took me home and walked me up to my door we kissed!!

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