Tough love

Hi my name is Kaila. I'm 17 and I go to Langston high school. There are many things about myself that people don't know. I don't have many friends only 3 there names are Allison, Miranda and Brittany. I will never fall in love. I will never love anyone ever again. no one will ever love me. this is my second movella so please don't be harsh but tell me how you feel so I can make it better and comment ideas for the chapters. enjoy.


5. did i just do that?

I cant believe me and Justin kissed I don't know how I feel about it I just know I cant be with him knowing what happens with my relationships.

Kaila: umm I-I need to go inside bye

Justin: are you ok you seem frazzled?

Kaila: Justin I need to go

Justin: Kaila can you answer me?

Kaila: fine we kissed and it was ok but I cant be with you, so you should just leave me alone and never mention this date or kiss ever again to any one ok

Justin: w-why if you liked it then why?

Kaila: because you know what happens with me and boyfriends ok and you know that I cant be with you

Justin: I don't care if you think I'm going to like you and be by your side and trust me Ashley is not going to brake us apart I promise

Kaila: Justin please just go its not worth it fighting for me because your not getting me.

Justin: Kaila

Kaila: I don't like you and I don't want to be with you leave me alone

Justin: you know what Kaila you push every one away that cares about you and that's how you loose friends and guys. so just keep pushing people away because sooner or later you will have no one.

I cant believe he just said that my mouth dropped I think he even is surprised t his reaction because he gave me a sad look like he was sorry for saying that. but I don't care that was not something you say to knowing what I have been threw

Kaila: you know what I have been through and you just said that to me its one thing if nothing has happened to me and I just push people away just because but no I have been through a lot.

Justin: Kaila I'm sorry

Kaila: just go I hate you and never want to see you again.

I walked in the house knowing what I just said hurt him I felt bad.

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