missing you (niall horan fan fic)

hi my names isabel mack.. it wasnt always. i mean up until 4 years ago i was boring little charlie fletcher. my best mate was niall horan. we were so close and did everything together. up until 4 years ago. i did something im so ashamed of. so i ran away. from my family, my friends my past and epecially the consequences. i now live in australia. i dont have many friends here but i chose that. i cant afford to hurt those i love again.


10. isabel

nialls p.o.v


later on that night we finaly got to the hotel.

"you alright cher bear?" i asked her

"yh its just that you were using the guitar i got you!" all the boys laughed apart from louis who for some reason wasnt here.

"he uses that for every performance!" said harry

"really" she asked her eyes brightening

"yh" replied liam "he doesnt play as well on any other guitar" i blushed i couldnt help it.

"so cher bear let me get this straight i write yo a song and perform it to you in front of thousands of people and you get more happy over the fact that i use a c3ertain guitar. you resally havent changed have ya?" she laughed

"guys i want you to meet someone" louis called as he brought a girl around our age into the room "this is isabel martinez" i looked in aww at  her she was beautiful. not charlie beautiful but beautiful. she had long chesnut wavy brown hair that reached half way down her back. she had chocolate brown eyes that suited her deeply tanned skin perfectly. "hi im isabel martinez" she said

"you sound australian but youve got another acent aswell. where are ya originally from?" i asked her

"shes from italy but she moved here with her dad when she was 11 after hwer parents divorced. her mum sayed in italy with martin isabels brother." louis replied.i looked confused how did he know this much. "we decidd the berst way to get to know eachother is by learning the silly little things you dont normally know. like her favourite drink is tea and she drinks like 3 cups a day. her favourite body part is her hair because her dad is a hairdresser and that her favourite pizza topping is pepperoni because she loves all the flavours and spices in them"

"and louis" she carried on "his favourite bosy part is his mouth because without it he wouldnt have a job.."

"what if" charlie interuppted "we didnt talk through our  mouths but through out butts that would be an akward concert!" we all laughed inluding isabel.

"anyway his favourite drink is a daim milkshake and his favourite comouter game is fifa!" the boys and i just laughed. this irl was a keeper.



hey guys the spots of louis gf, harrys gf and zayns gf are gone. that leaves:

liam gf

harry sister

louis sister

niall sister

zayn ister

charlie ex

nialls ex

thanks guys

nixie xx]

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