missing you (niall horan fan fic)

hi my names isabel mack.. it wasnt always. i mean up until 4 years ago i was boring little charlie fletcher. my best mate was niall horan. we were so close and did everything together. up until 4 years ago. i did something im so ashamed of. so i ran away. from my family, my friends my past and epecially the consequences. i now live in australia. i dont have many friends here but i chose that. i cant afford to hurt those i love again.


15. happy 20th birthday

charlies p.o.v


i couldnt believe it. me and niall were 20 today. i mean just 5 years ago i had a normal life and now look at me. i mean the birthday did bring back some bad memories aswell but hey i try and forget those. i just cant believe it. im 20 and engaged we are going to get married in october. i have 3 kids and my best friend is 6 months pregnant. i mean its all gone so fast. all 3 triplets are crawling now and murmer alot. i woke niall up.

"hey lepricorn time to get up" he smiled at me

"you cant call me lepricorn when your from the same country as me." i laughed

"oh yh happy birthday anyway." he smiled at em

"and you princess" i blushed even at 20 princess was a big deal. i handed him a small box and he opened it. inside was the 16 necklace i got him 5 years ago."its lovely" he said putting it on "but im 20 not 16" i laughed

"yh i know but i got this just before our 15th birthday and i never got to give it to you."

"aww charlie you shouldnt have." he ran his fingers through my hair. i had died it brown again. natural colour. i had it cut aswell not majorlly but now it reached half way down my bak instead of past my bum.

"your other presents downstairs" i said smiling. we walked down the stairs of our new house together hand in hand

"surprise" everyone yelled and i nearly jumped in the air.

"you mean you didnt plan this?" niall asked

"no your presents that cake over there. i had no idea."



nialls p.o.v


"well if thats the case im going to get dressed." i said  then i realised i had no shirt on. everyone was looking at me and staring at the scar on my chest from the bullet 5 years ago. i remembered then that i had never told anyone this story. thats why i always wore a shirt.

"whats that scar from nialler?" liam asked. just then charlie ran upstairs in tears.

"i guess i should explain why charlie ran away the first time." they all nodded. i sat down on the couch and told them all. when i finished they all looked shocked.

"did she know that she saved your life?" harry asked

"yh but she was scared i would hate her." i replied "one second" i ran upstairs to our room. i found her sobbing on the bed clutching alexas cuddly dog woofie.

"they all hate me now dont they?" she sobbed.

"no charlie they dont they think it was incredibly brave of you and they are happy that you saved our life." she stared at me "come on its our birthday silly lets go celebrate." shenodded and i lead her downstairs again. nobody stared everybody just carried on as they would.

"follow me" i said to charlie and took her outside. then i pushed her into the pool

"OH NO YOU DONT HORAN !" she cried then she pulled me by the arm into the water. everyone laughed as they watched us. i think i lost that one. we went inside and got dry. then she handed me a book.

"20 amazing years" sh said and i looked inside. it was the scrapbook we started. i gave it to charlie in australia and now he had completed the whole book. the book now includd pictures of us, the bands, dahli izzy and jordan and of course alexa, lily and james. the fina picture was one that we took on the day the triplets were exactly 6 months old.

"heres to 20 amazing years and may there be many more to come" i said and sealed my words with a kiss. boy my life was perfect i just couldnt wait to be married.


the end x

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