missing you (niall horan fan fic)

hi my names isabel mack.. it wasnt always. i mean up until 4 years ago i was boring little charlie fletcher. my best mate was niall horan. we were so close and did everything together. up until 4 years ago. i did something im so ashamed of. so i ran away. from my family, my friends my past and epecially the consequences. i now live in australia. i dont have many friends here but i chose that. i cant afford to hurt those i love again.


12. first scan

charlies p.o.v


im ashamed to say i changed my hair again. i left it long but i died it jet black with blue streaks in it. i quite like it. thats all about me thats really changed. im still called charlie fletcher. ive started seeing everyoe in ireland now but they all know that if niall asks that they havent heard from me. they all understand though. im going for my first scan today. the boys and isabel know and they have wished me luck. i have kept in touch with niall aswell. hes told me hes sorry and want to be a part of the babies life. i have told him that when the tours over if he finds me he can keep me. so we have kinda turned this into a game.

from izzy xoxo: hey good luck today :) tell me how it goes and i want to know the gender !! xx love ya x

to izzy xoxo: ok will do. hows dahlia settling in? xx

from izzy xoxo: great we get on fine but she doesnt quite replace you xx

i laughed. dahlia was harrys new girlfriend. they were quite serious aswell. they had been together secretly for 2 weeks now. her and isabel got on but isabel doesnt wanna replace me. shes from michigan in the usa. harry met her there now they are in ameria. im now 5 months pregnant but i have only just got round to going for a first scan. oops.


i lay on the table to have my scan. the lady smiled at me "father not coming" she asked

"umm its complicated!" i said and she just laughed. she seemed quite nice.

"so do you want to know the babies genders?" she asked i was confused

"babies?" i asked

"yeah" she replied "triplets" i nearly fainted. no wonder i looked so big for 5 months.

"uh yh genders please"

"ok 2 girls and 1 boy" i smiled. i was so upset before that i could have one of each nd now i was having triplets. when i finally got out of the doctors i text izzy

to izzy xoxo: i got the genders... and the numbers !! haha x

from izzy xoxo: what!?!?! theres more then one !! and tell me genders please. nialls interested aswell ! xx

to izzy xoxo: triplets ! and 2 girls 1 boy! im so happy i cant wait. xx

from izzy xoxo: omg charlie !!!!!!!! i have told niall. hes crying in happiness !! xx cant wait to see ya. the boys tour ends in 2 weeks  and nialls sooo excited top find you that im sure we will be back by the birth :) xx

i just smiled this was perfect.


nialls p.o.v


i just stared at isabel. this could not be true! charlie was having triplets. that meant i was getting 2 daughters and 1 son. i was so excited that i couldnt help myself. i broke down in tears of happiness. isabel just laughed at me and carried on texting charlie. just then liam came in.

"um nialler can i talk to you." he looked worried

"yh liam" i replied and we wa;lked out of the room.

"the rest of the tours been cancelled because of the bston bombings" he looked a little upset

"so we an go home?" i asked

"yh" i smiled

"charlie im oming" i screamed at the top of my voice and liam laughed. just then i got a call form mrs fletcher (charlies mum)

"hello" i said

"niall i just thought i would let you know that charlies gone into labour 4 months early. im sorry i lied she has been here all along. st patricks hospital. she needs you niall"

i hung up and ran to my room. i packed up all my belongings and rushed out the house and got paul to drive me to the airport. i called liam on the way

"hey liam no time to talk but just to let you know im on my way to ireland. charlies there and shes gonna into lbour really early. meet me at st patriks hospital as soon as possible thanks bye." i hung up the phone and ran into the airport

"one flight to ireland" i yelled




authors note

hey guys i would just like to say r.i.p to the people who have lost their lives in the boston bombing. i have soo much sympathy for them and their familes. my feelings are with you guys. i think its disgusting that people are saying that its zayn because hes a muslim . anyway R.I.P guys xx



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