missing you (niall horan fan fic)

hi my names isabel mack.. it wasnt always. i mean up until 4 years ago i was boring little charlie fletcher. my best mate was niall horan. we were so close and did everything together. up until 4 years ago. i did something im so ashamed of. so i ran away. from my family, my friends my past and epecially the consequences. i now live in australia. i dont have many friends here but i chose that. i cant afford to hurt those i love again.


6. explaining

nialls p.o.v


i walked over to charlie and pulled her over to a bench. we sat down and i stared at her in the eyes.

"so ni noo" she began "i see you actually decided to go blonde"

"yh" i replied "and i see you deided to change...completely"

"yh about that" she began "i just didnt wanna be recognised. im really sorry for what i did"

"its ok" i told her "start from our 15th birthday and tell me whats happened in your life"

so she did. she told me how after she accidently shot me she phoned an ambulance and waited with me till they arrived. how she hid behind some bins whilst they took me away. how she got a taxi to the airport and got on the next flight which was to australia. how she spoke to her mum. most of this i already knew but the next bit i didnt. she told me how she went to the optitians and got contacts. how within 6 months her braces were ready to come off. and how by the end of the year her hair was quite long so she died it red. then she told me about her watching me on x factor saying how proud she was of me and how glad she was that i got put in one diretion so i would never be alone. she admitted about th tweet and how she watched the interview of us where the boys brought her up and i ran off crying. she apparently kept tabs on us wherever we went and how when we came to sydney she just had to see us.

now it was my turn to tell her what i had been up to. "well i remember being shot. then i woke up. i asked for you but my mum said you were gone. i cried myself to sleep for the next couple of months. i stopped mentioning you to my family beause it was too hard. i carried on that scrapbook we made when we were 9. i have it with me. ill show ya later if ya like. and yh i never took my locket off and i still have it on today. i got that card you sent me. i still have that aswell. i auditione for the x factor in your memory. thats kinda wy i chose the song. i know its not quite the same meaning but its true. you and me are my  answering machine message. being put in with the boys made it easier to cope with having lost you. then after we came 3rd i got that tweet from you. i was so happy to know that you were still ok and that you still caredabout me. then in that interview when the boys mentioned you i just had to go. too many happy memories came back. i missed ya cher bear and i just want ya back. why did you run away?"

she looked a little upset now "because, because" she began "because i was scared you would hate me"

"why would i hate you cher bear?" i asked her "you saved my life!"

"but i shot you" she mumbled

"yh and cher bear if you hadnt shot me and him then he would have slit my throat" i looked at her and saw the tears come rolling down her face "charlie fletcher you saved my life"

she looked at me her face all wet."really?" she asked

"yh" i replied "oh and charlie excuse me for this but i have been wanting to do this for almost 6 years now" she looked confused. i leant in and kissed her. as her lips met mine i felt like there was an explosion going on inside my body. we pulled away

"charlie marie fletcher i love you"

"niall james horan i love you to"

"oh and charlie might i say that you look absolutely beautiful."

"aww thanks ni noo"


louis p.o.v


i watched them as they kissed. aww so sweet.

"charlie marie fletcher i love you" i heard him say

"niall james horan i love you to" she replied

"oh and charlie might i say tht you look absolutely beautiful"

"aww thanks ni noo"

these two love birds were so sweet. as they kissed again i took a picture. i knew charlie or isabel or whatever she alled herself didnt have twitter but when she did i would tweet it. i was happy for them though. nialler had finally found his princess. i feel abit soppy now. i suppose the only thing to do is go show everyone else the picture.

oh boy did they laugh.

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