missing you (niall horan fan fic)

hi my names isabel mack.. it wasnt always. i mean up until 4 years ago i was boring little charlie fletcher. my best mate was niall horan. we were so close and did everything together. up until 4 years ago. i did something im so ashamed of. so i ran away. from my family, my friends my past and epecially the consequences. i now live in australia. i dont have many friends here but i chose that. i cant afford to hurt those i love again.


11. 6 weeks

isabels p.o.v


i walked up to charlie. she really was beautiful. her long red hair. everything about her really. she was sitting on the sofa and her eyes were red.

"whats up?" i asked her

"i i ithink im pregnant?" she replied i was confused she hadnt really been with niall long enough. "its not nialls. its my exs. we broke up a month before i remet niall. im almost 3 months. and nialls gonna leave me!" by now she was really quiet

"you've gotta tell him." i said "he wont mind im sure it was a whole month before and you and niall havent gone that far yet have you" she shook her head. "exactly he wont mind i promise" she nodded and i made her go into the kitchen where niall was. i walked out. i could hear what was going on. but then i heard niall shout. the other boys came running but i stopped them from going in there. we just stood there. we ould hear charlie crying and niall shouting. we couldnt understand what he was saying but it mut have been quite harsh because just then charlie rushed out of the kitchen crying her eyes out. niall followed her. his eyes full of anger. he stormed upstairs and shut his bedroom door.

2 hours later and charlie hadnt come down from her room yet. i went to her room to check on her. i knocked... no answer. i knocked again.... still no answer. loads of thoughts came to my head but one stuk out like a sore thumb. oh no she couldnt have. i kicked the door down ( i know im a girl but im actually pretty good at karate) i expected to see a pale lifeless body on the floor. but i didnt. all i saw was an open window and an empty room. i checked her wardobe everything gone. there on her pillow was a note adresse to me i slowly opened it and the words shocked me.


i know you will be the one to find this letter. it will have probably been a few hours and you will have got worried. you will have knocked i will not have answered. you or one of the boys will kick the door down thinking i have killed myself. you will search the room for a sign of me but there wont be one. then you will find this note. you read it and get pissed off with me or niall but here it goes....

i have left. im leaving australia for good. niall wants me to have an abortion but i am against them. my ex might have been a psycotic dick but its still my child. you can tell niall not to worry. i will not say the baby was my ex's if thats whats worrying him. but obviously niall doesnt want the baby to be his own. im gonna miss you all. especially you and niall. niall has been my best friend since the day we were born and you have been the closest friend i have ever had whos a girl. i promise i will keep in touch. im not saying ill tell you who i am. or possibly what i look like (i havent decided whether to change yet or not) but i will keep ya updated with my life. im happy to keep in touch with niall or any of the others but only to tell you whats going on. you will not find me this time. im sure you will be happy to know that im kkeping thename charlie fletcher and returning to britain but thats all you need to kow about my location. ill miss ya all and i promise i will never forget you guys

charlie xx


this bit of the letter is for niall

ni noo,

i know your upset but i think its clear we were never meant to be. i love you with all my heart and i always will but i cannot kill a baby. im sorry and i hope you forgive me for running away from you a second time. im going to have this baby and i know that if you truly do care for me i know that you will find me. until then i will never love another man because i know that you are the one for me. come get me big boy. but do me a favour finish the tour. tell the fans that i have gone to america for a family emergency and that we are still together (if you hey want to be) i promise i will keep in touch. i love you truly madly deeply.

cher bear xx

i read the letter and got so annoyed. i ran into nialls room and threw the letter at him

"i hope you are happy!" i screamed before louis dragged me out of the room trying to comfort me. i heard sobbing from his room and then i heard him go downstairs. i followed him down and saw all the boys reading the letter. i sat down next to niall and pulled him close.he sobbed into my lap. just then i got a text

from charlie xoxo: im really sorry. im just getting on my flight to britain thats all ya need to know. speak to ya soon. xx

i replied to charlie xoxo: do what you need to do we will all be here for you. just keep us updated xx


charlies p.o.v


i hopped off the plane. i was home. ireland!! i got a taxi to ,my house in mullingar. i knocked on the door. my mum answered it

"hello can i help you?" she asked

"im home" i replied and then she screamed. my dad came running into the hall. he looked confused to.

"its charlie" my mum cried "she home" my dad smiled and pulled me into a massive bear hug.

"jeez charlie you have really grown up." he said smiling

"yeah thats kinda why im here. im pregnant" my mumand dad didnt actually looked that surprised. we went inside and i told them all about it.

we stayed up till 4 that morning talking before my mum got a phone call. niall. she looked at me and i shook my head

"hello" she answered "no niall im sorry she not here. should she be ?? oh i see. welli havent heard from her in over 4 years niall. ok well ill let you know if anything happens" she hung up and i nodded my thanks. i went up to my old room and saw it was exactly how i left it. pictures of me and niall covering literally every inch of wall space. my bunk beds that had my duvet on the top one and nialls old football one on the bottom. clearly they hadnt been in my room much. i smiled and went and found the loose floorboard. inside was £1500 i had been saving along with the 16 necklace i had brought him ready for the next year. i know i was a bit prepared. i put the floo board down and went and lay in the bottom bunk wrapping nialls old duvet around me.

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