In the Sky (Chapter 4)

This is my chapter four, which follows the Chapter Three written by EmmaDee.


1. Chapter 4

The wooded door swung open, releasing a gust of cold air into the room. It was not the woman from the train, but rather the man with the brown in orange eyes. Behind him was... nothing but a shadow on the wall. I waited in fear for the rest of the figure to appear, but it never did. Then, the shadow took a step forward, seeming to float across the floor. The closer it approached the easier it was to distinguish a silvery face, rippling with every step it took. That's when I realized it, this ghostly figure was the man creepy eyes had been talking to. At that instant, I released the scream that had been boiling up in my throat. The man simply laughed.

"Hello, Izalla," he said, grinning wickedly. His voice sounded like nails on a blackboard, and I grabbed my ears in pain. How had I not noticed that when he was outside? "How wonderful it is to meet you at last. You know, I've heard quite a lot about you. You're all your dear old father ever seems to talk about." He had my father? For a second I forgot about myself, and feared for my dad. What had this creep done to him?

"Oh don't worry," he said, as if reading my thoughts, "your father's perfectly fine." I cringed at his voice again, a new wave of pain filling my head. "You see what I told you Thompson?" he said to Creepy Eyes. "She's just a child. I'm sure you're perfectly capable of handling this." Creepy Eyes, or Thompson, as the shadow had called him, grimaced at the shadow's words, but didn't protest anymore. He simply looked over at me, hatred filling his eyes. He hated me? Well I hated him, too. I returned his look, and sat up. The shadow examined me for a couple more seconds, then turned and floated back out the door. With him left the horrible cold that had filed the room, and I was left to stare at Thompson, as he stared at me. Then, he turned around and folloed his master, leaving me alone in the room.

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