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8. Rosemarie + Harry


"I'll make you fall for me again. Then it'll be back to normal." - Harry


3rd Persons P.O.V

Its been a while since you've left London and went to the Big Apple. The worst part about leaving home was leaving your boyfriend. But now you were coming back, to stay.

You and your best friend, Kylie were rushing off to school. It was your first day and Kylie hated being late. Making a good impression on people was everything to her. She couldn't even stay still the night before without rehearsing what she was going to say to people. Maybe some young teachers were there, like in New York. But you were doubtful.

"Rose, what do I look okay?" Kylie asks you, a bit insecure a block away from the school. You smile at her.

"You look gorgeous, Ky Ky. Better then that. Don't worry." You reassure her, being the great friend you are. She give you a thankful look.

"Thanks, girl. You always have my back." She hooks her arm in yours.

"Ready to see Harry?" You stop dead in your tracks. Harry....

You had forgotten that he was going to be here. You mentally curse, muttering words under your breath. Harry was here.

Oh lord.


Rosemarie's P.O.V

Kylie and I walk into the school seeing a deserted hallway. We were late, tardy as Kylie likes to call it. We head into the office and the clerk glares at us.

"You two are late. Tardiness will not be ignored." She shakes her bony finger at us. "Now here's your schedule and head off to class." We scurry out of there and we separate.

"Bye, Rose! Good luck!" Kylies calls, waving.

"See you later, Ky! Same for you." I then walk down the narrow hallway and walk to class.




When I find the class three minutes later, I walk in. 

Everyone's head turns to me and I just look around. This is nothing like it used to be. I'm gonna admit, i'd choose New York over this place any day. The teacher stares at me hard glare.

"Finally, you decide to join us....." He trails.



Harry's P.O.V


My eyes widen in shock. The girl looked so familiar, but now that I know, I wish I hadn't. She was back. She looks better then before. I'd pick her over any girl I am with. But she probably wont feel the same. I can't stop staring at her. I stop myself from running up to her and crying. I can't believe shes here. And she probably forgot all about me......




Rosemarie's P.O.V

I could see him. Harry Styles. The one that I loved. The one that I left for the big city. The one who probably moved on....

"Rosemarie." Mr. Robertson called on me. I raised my eyebrow at him as if to say yes.

"Were looking for a story right about now. Why were you so late?" I fight the urge to roll my eyes since he's giving me the 'hairy eyeball'.

I stand up and face the class.

"So this must sound like the best adventure ever but I went to the office." I start to nod like its the best story ever. The class erupts in a fit of laughter.

"That is not what I am looking for. Please, don't be smart with me. Continue. What actually happened?" He said. I rolled my eyes muttering a fine.

"Okay. I wont that. So what really happened was that I was really tired. I just moved the night before so I had jet lag. I woke up late and fell back asleep for five more minutes and then guess what? I went to the bloody office!" I exclaim. The class laughs again. The teacher glares.

"You may sit down now."

"I thought you wanted me to say my story?" I pout. Mr. Robertson chuckles. The class looks surprised.

"Just sit. Now" I scrunch my nose up.

"Rude." I mumble, looking up to see if he heard. Luckily, he didn't. 

As soon as he opens his mouth, the bell rings and the class cheers. I laugh and head out of the classroom and feel a hand on my wrist, pulling me back. I spin around to see Harry looking at me with an excited look.

"Your back?!" He asks hugging me. My eyes widened. 

"Yeah... I am.." I sigh. 

"Wheres your girlfriend?" I ask with an excited voice. Harry promised that he's get a girlfriend and he did. Well, that's what he said on the phone. What was her name? Mel- Mal- No! Its Melanie! He looks down and stutters out, "W-W-Who?"  I glare.

"Harry Styles. Did you lie to me?" He sighs. 

"I'm sorry. I don't have a girlfriend." He mutters. I stare at him, my eyes nearly popping out of their sockets.

"What?! So you've been lying this entire time?" I ask bewildered. He shakes his head and frowns.

"No! It wasn't like that, love! Please, just hear me out.-" 

"You lied Harry. I thought we were more then that. I didn't want to move on until I knew you did. After you told me, I was so happy for you. Happy that you were forgetting me in that way. I was happy that you and 'Melanie' were going out. But this was all fake so what was the point. Harry you seriously need to get over me and get on with your life. Move. On." I said sternly. He grabs my hands in his and stares at me with his green eyes.

"I tried to get over you. Believe me. But how could I after everything we've been through?" He has a sad look in his eyes. I feel the back of my eyes pinch.

"I still love you, Rose."

"I'm sorry Harry. I d-d-don't love you anymore." He stares blankly at me, looking beyond hurt.

"What can I do?" He asks quietly.

"Nothing." I say.

"My minds set." I say, "I can't be with you." He frowns. He cups my face in his hands. His thumb grazes against my bottom lip.

"W-W-What are you doing?" I ask nervously. He smiles a sly smile.

"We can make this work. I love you. Doesn't that matter?"  He questions. I gulp.

"I-I-I guess...." I whisper, still surprised.

"We can do this, okay Rose. Your different now. Your a senior. Were not silly freshman's anymore. Are you ready for this?" I want to so badly say 'no' but my heart tells me otherwise.

"Yes. I'll be with you." I whisper. He smiles.

"I'll make you fall for me again. Then it'll be back to normal."


Dedicated to Rosemarie (dollface97)

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