YOLO (Harry Styles fanfiction)

Brenda has always been a good girl. She is a staright A student, and always studies instead of partying. She hated most of the people in her school, who would always party hard, and make fun of her for being a goody-goody. The one she hated the most, was Harry Styles. He was the player, flirt, troublemaker and the badass. He also hated Brenda but, senior year is almost finishes, and he starts to flirt with her, but Brenda would just keep in my mind, "No, I do not I like him. You hate him, and it is never going to happen". Sicnce senior year is almost finished, seniors wanna go out and have some fun, except for Brenda. "You only live once" Those were the words that Harry said. What happens if she falls fo him? Everything goes great until he pulls her into the wild side, and gets her into trouble. What happens if she had enough? Will she be able to still handle him? Remember, You only live once. (13+)


2. Rude much?

Hey guys I just want you to know that, Andy Biersack from the band ‘Black Veil Brides’ is playing as Andy. If you guys never heard of them, please check them out. They are freaking awesome. Okay I’m gonna start.

I was at my bedroom watching the movie, ‘House at the End of the Street’ with Jenna, Chris, and Andy. Alexis couldn’t make it so, she’s not here. Horror movies don’t really scare me. I usually laugh when people scream, or get scared. “Hold on guys. I’m gonna go get some drinks” I stood up, and got out of my room. I grabbed some drinks from the fridge and as I took a step of the stairs, I slipped. I fell hard on my bum, and soda was all over me. Harry ran over, and I really thought he was going help me up. But instead he threw a pie over my face, and he ran as if he was being chased. Why the hell would he even try to help me? Gosh, I was so stupid. I tried getting up, but I couldn’t. Thankfully, Jenna, Chris, and Andy, got out of my room, and Niall got out of the kitchen. “Brenda, are you okay?” Andy asked. “I can’t get up” I said. “Come on, put your arm around me” I did what I was told and put my arm around him. He carried me to my room, and laid me down on my bed. I tried to sit up, “Ow” I whined. “Thanks Andy” I said. “No problem” He said. “What happened to you?” Chris asked. “Well, I slipped, and soda got all over me. Then Harry, threw a pie on my face, and ran”. “What an asshole” Andy mumbled. “What a jerk” Jenna said. “Let’s get you cleaned up” Jenna helped me stand up, and at last I feel better. She rubbed my face with the tissue, and I thanked her. I went to the bathroom, and took a shower. I got changed into a black tank top that says ‘Keep Calm and Kiss Me I’m Irish’ and dip dyed shorts. And I put my hair in a French braid.





I got out of the bathroom, and I heard a knock on the door. The door opened, and it was Harry. “Hey Brenda-” I cut him, “Get out of here” I yelled. “I just wanna say-”. “Get out!” I yelled. He slammed the door, and I rolled my eyes. Chris faked a cough. “What?” I asked. He shook his head, “That was rude” he said. Andy and Jenna nodded in agreement. I crossed my arms and sat down on my bed. “Was I that rude?” I asked. Andy sat down beside me, “Just calm down, okay?” He said, rubbing my back. We continued watching the movie, and I kept staring at Andy. I don’t really know why. Okay fine, I admit. I had a huge crush on him in middle school. He caught me staring, “Shit” I thought. He smiled, and he put his arm around me. He kissed me in the cheek, “Are you feeling better?” he asked. “Yeah” I said. Jenna mouthed ‘awe’ and gave me thumbs up. Yep, she knows about my crush on Andy. Jenna and Chris focused on the movie, expect for me and Andy. I looked at Andy, wow, he is cute. A lot of girls used to like him cause, well umm…..you know, that perfect shiny jet black hair, piercing blue eyes, full-arm tattoos, and most of all his sexy nose and lip piercing. Our eyes met, and I stared into his bright blue eyes. He leaned in closer, and now our noses were touching. The door opened, and we pulled away fast. “Brenda, what is going on with you?” Niall asked. “What are you talking about?” I asked. “Why did you yell at him? He just wanted to apologize” He crossed his arms. “Well I was mad”. “Wow, rude much?” he said. “Why can’t you guys just find a way to get along?” he asked. “We just can’t” I said. 

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