YOLO (Harry Styles fanfiction)

Brenda has always been a good girl. She is a staright A student, and always studies instead of partying. She hated most of the people in her school, who would always party hard, and make fun of her for being a goody-goody. The one she hated the most, was Harry Styles. He was the player, flirt, troublemaker and the badass. He also hated Brenda but, senior year is almost finishes, and he starts to flirt with her, but Brenda would just keep in my mind, "No, I do not I like him. You hate him, and it is never going to happen". Sicnce senior year is almost finished, seniors wanna go out and have some fun, except for Brenda. "You only live once" Those were the words that Harry said. What happens if she falls fo him? Everything goes great until he pulls her into the wild side, and gets her into trouble. What happens if she had enough? Will she be able to still handle him? Remember, You only live once. (13+)


5. Nowhere to go

“Looks like we’re done” I said. Harry sighed, “At last” he said. He picked up his bag from the ground and opened the door. Before he could step out, I grabbed his hand. “Harry wait” I said. “What?” he asked. “You see, about that party, I was thinking maybe I could come with you” I said. He crossed his arms, “So you’re finally deciding to change your mind and have fun” he said. “Well, yes” I said. “Well okay, I’ll pick you up at 6” he gave me a kiss in the cheek, and went out of the room. As soon as he left the room my cheeks started turning red. I started dancing around the room feeling happy that I’m actually going to the party tonight. Wait, what am I doing? We are just going as friends. “Hey sis, why so happy?” I jumped a little bit, and I looked back and saw Niall leaning against the door with his arms crossed. “Woah, you scared me” I said. “You didn’t see any that didn’t you?” I asked. “I saw all of it. Including the part where your cheeks turned red after Harry giving you a kiss on the cheek” he said. “I wasn’t happy cause of that” I lied. “Well, at least you guys are finally getting along. Do you need a ride to the party?” I shook my head, “No”. “Now please Niall, I need to get ready”

I took a shower, and got changed into this:


I didn’t want anything out there. I mean, it’s just a high school party. Anyways, I did my hair and did my makeup. My phone vibrated, and it was a text from Harry. It said:

“Hey Brenda, I’m outside. I’ll wait 4 u here beautiful ;)”

I kinda smiled at the last part, and I texted him back saying that I’m coming. I stepped out the room, and rushed downstairs. I opened the front door, and there was Harry sitting in the driver’s seat of his Range Rover. I stepped inside the car, “Wow, you look beautiful” he said. I blushed and thanked him.

I stepped inside the Zayn’s house (Zayn was throwing the party), and wow this house is big. The party doesn’t look that bad. Yes they were loud music, and some people drinking. But they are not that crazy than what I expected. “See, told you it wasn’t that bad” Harry whispered. Liam and Zayn walked over to us, and bro hugged Harry. “Oh hey Brenda” Liam said, and I gave him a hug. I waved at Zayn, “Hey Zayn” I said. “Alraight guys enjoy” he said. I looked over to my right, and saw Andy, Jenna, Chris, and Alexis. Harry was now at the dance floor dancing, so I walked over to them, and said hi. “Hey guys”. “Hey” they all said. Alexis held her stomach and she groaned. “What’s wrong?” I asked. I touched her forehead and it looks like she has a little bit of a fever, and a stomach ache. “She drank too much” Chris replied. “Oh” I said. Thankfully, Zayn passed by us, “Zayn” I called him. Zayn walked over to us, “Hey-” he cut himself off and looked at Alexis. “Is she okay?” he asked. “Not really she feels kinda sick. Where is the bathroom?” I asked. “Upstairs in my room, and she can stay in my room for a while if she likes” he said. “Okay thank you”

We went over to his room, and Alexis went to the bathroom. I sat down in his bed, waiting for Alexis. The door swung open, and it was Harry. “Hey Brenda, I was walking looking for you everywhere. Until Zayn told me that you were” he said. “Oh, Alexis was kinda sick so yeah” I said. “Oh okay” he sat down next to me. The bathroom door opened, “Hey Brenda, I’m just gonna go tell Jenna to take me home. And Andy and Chris are gonna be busy with something” she said. “Okay” she left the room. Now it’s just Harry and I. He moved a little closer to me, and he ran his fingers through my hair. I stared into his eyes, and wow his eyes are really pretty. They shine bright like the stars. He tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear, “You are really beautiful” he said. He crashed his lips into mine, kissing me softly. His fingers were clutching my hair, and the other hand was on my waist. My fingers were clutching his hair, and my other hand was on his neck. He lifted me up, not breaking the kiss, and I was now on his lap. We pulled away, and we both smiled into the kiss. I got off his lap, and sat down beside him. He stood up, and opened the door. I grabbed his hand, “Harry you just can’t leave me here” he ignored me, and left. I followed him downstairs, and to the front door. He got inside his car and drove off, leaving me. What the hell? This was his plan all along? He was being nice to me, so that he could just leave me like that. I searched for my phone in my pocket and realize it wasn’t there. Shit. I forgot it at home. All of a sudden, it started to rain. Great, this is just great. I got nowhere to go. I started to walk, and thankfully I saw Niall’s car. I waved my hand, and he stopped the car. He opened the door, and I stepped in. “What happened?” he asked. “Please Niall I don’t wanna talk about it. Let’s just go home”

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