YOLO (Harry Styles fanfiction)

Brenda has always been a good girl. She is a staright A student, and always studies instead of partying. She hated most of the people in her school, who would always party hard, and make fun of her for being a goody-goody. The one she hated the most, was Harry Styles. He was the player, flirt, troublemaker and the badass. He also hated Brenda but, senior year is almost finishes, and he starts to flirt with her, but Brenda would just keep in my mind, "No, I do not I like him. You hate him, and it is never going to happen". Sicnce senior year is almost finished, seniors wanna go out and have some fun, except for Brenda. "You only live once" Those were the words that Harry said. What happens if she falls fo him? Everything goes great until he pulls her into the wild side, and gets her into trouble. What happens if she had enough? Will she be able to still handle him? Remember, You only live once. (13+)


1. Just gotta watch out

I sighed as I sat down with my friends, Jenna, Alexis, Andy, and Chris, at the cafeteria. I pulled out my biology book out of my bag, and started reading. I tried to read and memorize every single detail about the respiratory system. I flipped the page, and saw that there were more to read. I hit the book in front of my face, and groaned. “Tired?” Andy asked. I placed the book back in the table, and nodded. “Let’s just put that away” Jenna said, as she grabbed my book, and put back in my bag. “Do want me to get you something to eat?” Alexis asked. “No thanks” I said, in laziness. “What’s up with you?” Chris asked. “There are just so much things to do” I whined. “I have to study for biology test tomorrow, then English, then French, and then I have to go to basketball practice, for our game in Friday” I explained. “To be honest, sometimes, you gotta keep away those books. I mean, you are a straight A student, and sometimes you just gotta give it a rest and have fun. You know, party.” Alexis said. They all nodded in agreement. “So,” Andy began. He fixed his jet black hair, “I want your opinion on the new so that I wrote, and I’d-” he got cut off by the group of guys next to us, who were laughing. I looked over to my right, and saw, “Uhh!” I thought, to myself. It’s the popular guys. Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall, and the one I hate the most, Harry. I don’t have a problem with Niall and Liam. Niall is my twin brother, and Liam is one of my best friends. He’s the guy who would always make fun of me, for just being a ‘goody-goody’. I don’t think there is any problem, being a good student. Oh wait, sorry I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Brenda Jonna (pronounced Johnay) Horan. My twin brother is Niall Horan, and I’m two minutes younger. I’m Irish, I have long wavy blonde hair, and light blue eyes. I’m a straight A student, ever since 6th grade. Most of people here don’t really know that I’m Niall’s twin, it’s because, we’re totally different. He’s popular, and I’m the ‘goody-goody’. Most nights he goes out and party, where as I, stay home and read. First, people made fun of me by calling me leprechaun, until freshman year came, and they started calling me a goody-goody. Sometimes, I just get sick of it. I hate a lot of people in here, except my brother Niall, and my friends, Liam, Andy, Chris, Jenna, and Alexis. The guys were laughing about stupid stuff, “Guys, can you keep it down?!” I yelled. “Sorry love” Liam said. I smiled, and mouthed ‘thank you’. I saw Niall waving at me, and I waved back. I caught Harry staring at me, he gave me a wink, and I rolled my eyes. Jenna and Alexis chuckled, “Did he just wink at you?” Alexis asked. “I don’t know, but I know that he has some plans, to humiliate me in front of the school” I frowned. Harry and Niall walked over, “Hey sis” Niall said. “Hey bro” He sat down in the middle, between Andy and Chris. “Hello, babe” Harry sat down next to me, and puts his arm around me. Niall gave him a confused look. In disgust, I pushed his hand off me, “Don’t call me that” I said, angry. Andy and Chris chucked, and I gave them a glare. Harry kissed me in the cheek, and I rubbed my cheek and mouthed ‘yuck’ to Andy and Chris. “Ah, I see. Playing hard to get” Harry said. “What are you talking about?” I asked. He gave me this stupid little smirk, and I rolled my eyes. “Harry, come on lets go” They both stood up, and before they left, Harry shot me another wink. I heard Niall whisper (but loud enough for me to hear), “Harry, why are you hitting on my sister?” Then Harry replied, “What? She’s a babe” I rolled my eyes. I know he is up to something. And I just gotta watch out.

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